10 Effective Sleep Affirmations You Should Embrace

When it comes to positivity in life, a relaxed body, quiet mind and a loving heart are the driving force. The same things play a significant role in having a better sleep. The following affirmations cover a holistic approach to better sleep and what is shared is relatively easy to understand and practice.


Before everything else, it is essential that you declare that you are ready to enjoy a restful night's sleep. Having this book in your hands bears testimony to your readiness to embraces the secrets it shares. You should not have to struggle with sleep; in fact, it should be the opposite. Sleeping should be the avenue of releasing your struggles. By affirming your willingness to try what you have discovered, you will not fight to fall asleep but find it effortless and enjoyable to get some shut-eye.

The information shared is practical, rooted in wisdom and yet open to interpretation. You may have to read some of the affirmations thrice sparking new healing each time based on your season of life. The objective of it all is to help you release the struggle irrespective of your current life situations; that goal remains the same. The book imparts wisdom that set you on the right path to enjoy a mindful state of peace that promotes restful sleeping.

If you love a nightly reading when in bed, then this consider incorporating this book into your routine. Most of the affirmations read well in sequence, but you can also find something impactful by turning to random pages. However, you should have the following suggestions in mind if you are to realize the real power of these affirmations:

  1. Read and repeat one affirmation each night. Pick what resonates with you and move on to different message if what you choose doesn't hit the ball home.
  2. Repeat the message for around 5 - 10 minutes taking the time to let it sink in.
  3. If possible, read the words out loud. But you can as well enjoy the message through a silent read as you repeat the affirmation.
  4. When done, place the book on your nightstand and then close your eyes as you meditate on the message to allow the affirmation reverberate in your spirit and mind. Reflect on what you loved about the message, be it a word or a sentence.
  5. Bring in a physical self-affirmation technique where you place your hands on your belly, face, or chest, or have one hand over the other; these are self-comforting mechanisms that help you internalize the message as you reflect on it with your eyes closed.
  6. While in that mindful state, embody the energy of the affirmation; speaking it aloud or silently within as you strive to experience it with high awareness and feeling. Try and go beyond the message as you focus on the imagery the affirmation elicits.
  7. If distracted by something or someone, look to the affirmation for solace. In doing this, you will turn every life's fracas into a reason to experience the sincere sentiments of the assertion.
  8. Read and chant the message with conviction. Sincerity is essential if any of the affirmation is to work. Believe in the words you read and allow them to create room for personal exploration as you also strive to be receptive to the deep and energetic sentiments of the message.
  9. Be aware of any resistance that you may encounter, be it from self or external forces. Keep in mind that the affirmation by spark old, contradictory, or negative beliefs; know that these are not a sign of failure.
  10. Resistance to new things or situation is natural. That feeling of not being worthy and nothing seems to work can become mere thoughts. Be compassionate with yourself by allowing every new affirmation our read to grow and bear fruit within you.

All of the above and a Sleepy’s mattress can be a big help for a better sleep.

Practice more and more of these mindful affirmations, and you will be in a better position to fashion life to be what you want and discover peace of mind body and soul. By taking the affirmation to heart and embracing them, you will easily relax into your creative power and see how natural and effortless it can be to fall asleep.

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