5 Tips To Help Mums Get Precious Early Morning Me Time

I love having that half an hour of solitary shower time in the morning before the kids are awake. Also, if you are craving that too, getting up just that little bit earlier may be right for you. It is a perfect idea to spend some “me time” to start the day and this is especially beneficial when you are pregnant. Having a positive activity before I hit the busy schedule means, I have accomplished a lot in those quiet minutes of the morning. On the next few hours, I tend to feel a lot less energy to get things done. 

Waking up early does not mean I start on my daily chores right away. Sometimes I sit and listen to the morning radio with a book and a cup of tea. Some days it is catching up on emails, checking today's tasks, and organizing. Whatever it is I am doing, I make sure to rise earlier so I can get what I want to do, done. 

If you have a young baby and do not get to sleep the entire evening properly yet (do not worry, you will experience it as well), then I do not recommend doing this. If you like to stay up late but has had enough, and prefer to lie in, stick to what works for you. Nevertheless, if you want rising earlier and is finding ways of doing that, this article is the one for you. 


How to Begin Your Day Earlier?

Commence the night before: Yes, that is correct. This tremendous and sustainable habit should begin the evening before. According to London pest experts Diamond, cleaning your pantry at night helps to stop mice, cockroaches, and other food pests from infesting your home. However, it also makes an early activity that little bit easier. 

How? You do not have to start the day and see the mess from the day before. Your kitchen is reset and ready to go for the day ahead. This is an enormous factor in keeping in the habit of being an early riser. You do not want to do anything at all. Wake up to something that you enjoy, and the day will be just beautiful.

Switch off the technology: Turn off phones, televisions, and computers earlier than before so you can hit the sack in time. I am one for sleeping with my phone, but I know it is not suitable for me and messes with my usual body tempos. I sometimes confiscate our gadgets downstairs to charge for the night. Keeping it away earlier on at night (I aim for before dinner, but this is a rarity in my house) is sufficient. Invest in manual timer, yes they still have those, and make use of it instead. 

Hit the sack when you feel tired: Do not fight fatigue. Just go to sleep. When you tend to sleep late, try resting before the usual time and find out if it suits you. It might make a change in your routine. 

All of us needs to rest; however, each one’s preference for sleep varies. Getting an average of 7 hours will help you feel relaxed the entire day. 

Have a great morning drink: Tea, smoothies, water, coffee – whatever you love to drink during breakfast, get it brewing. While I wait for the kettle to boil, I clean the washing machine. This means it is ready for when the kids come downstairs and demand clean uniforms, sports kit, and socks. 

Start slowly: If you aim to wake up at five but end up waking up at 7, never start the two hours abruptly. Do it in stages. Fix your timer for 6 for a few days or so, and start going to sleep earlier. Do adjust the 5 am wake-up, do it in every 25-minute increase for a few weeks. Favoring the outcome, relax a little more before, and wake up even earlier until you form the habit. 

Would you like to make this change? As a parent, it is essential to have that quiet time still, and my favorite time to do this is in the mornings. It may be an untapped part of the day that you can get your mojo going, and conquer everything you set out to do in a day. 

Sarah Palmer

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