7 Practical Items for a Quick Getaway with Your Baby

Unplanned travels or quick trips usually make me nervous, especially when I have to bring my kids with me. However, after some years of experience, doing so comes natural and easy for me. A road trip with your children needs essential items to bring that will help in keeping your travel light and comfortable. Besides, exposing your kids outdoors is beneficial for them. Therefore, check out my suggestions on practical things to prepare to help you stay on track.

Do you have these?


Handy Travel Bags

Buying a practical garment duffle bag will keep your clothes and other essentials in one safe load. Make sure to own one that is big enough for your needs but is still light to bring. A bulky traveling bag is not advisable, especially when you have kids to tag along.  A good quality bag can offer a dual feature. Choose one that converts from a garment back to a duffle bag in just one zip.

Bags that are water-resistant and has a shoe compartment, and can function as a diaper bag and milk storage, are available too. Pick one that is durable. It would be a disaster when it could give way in the middle of your travel spree.

Toys and Books

Make sure to bring your kid’s favorite toys and storybooks. Each kid should bring one. It will help them stay put while waiting for your flight or bus to arrive. There is no more bothersome than chasing your toddlers amid heavy traffic. Keep them focused on giving you time to rest and calm down.

Games and Crayons

Although the train station is not the ideal place to let your children practice their creativity when it comes to drawing or play with their favorite board games, you can make this day an exemption to keep them in one place. Cards are handy and practical to squeeze in your bag. A box of crayons can fit in the side pocket too!


I am a mom that keeps electronic devices as minimal as possible. Traveling with kids is a perfect time to make use of them. With the new generation, the best way to keep them absorbed is to allow the use of their mobile phones and other personal electronic devices. 

Headphones, Bluetooth, and I highly recommend other ways for them to be able to listen to music. Music is best to calm down kids.


Of course, do not forget the basics. There is no behave, child, when hungry. When starving, toddlers could be in big trouble, may catch attention from fellow travelers, and can create a nuisance. Hence, pack some of their favorite snacks for them to nibble. I usually offer the food when I notice that my kids are starting to get irritable. 

However, I suggest letting them eat their meal before traveling to keep them stable. Snacks like biscuits, cut fruits, and chips are a big help.

Emergency Kits

With hyperactive kids, you will never know what will happen. It is best to be ready with little accidents. I always keep in my bag a small kit that contains bandage, allergy pills, disinfectant, energy bars, and paracetamol. Mind you, I even have a sewing kit ready if I need to fix torn pants or the like. 

If there is still a space, keep flashlights and other extras such as batteries as well.

Baby Carriers

When you are traveling with an infant, using light baby carriers are beneficial. I could suggest a stroller, but per my experience, it is difficult to bring one in crowded areas. It is dangerous for your baby. Hence, I recommend wraps or slings to keep your baby close to you at all times. Besides, when your baby is close to you, she will feel secure and safe. With this, there is less possibility to create tantrums.

My Final Thoughts

It is not always flying colors when traveling with children, especially when the trip is unplanned. Therefore, having a checklist is the best way for you to keep it in order. Do not worry, as you do this activity many times, your list will stay in your memory, and it will all come out quick and easy. It is crucial as a mom to keep our cool and presence of mind when outdoors. 

Though you are bringing with you your kids, you will never know what goes on in their heads. Kids will be kids, their curiosity is unlimited, and their energy is high. Therefore, as moms, it is necessary to be always prepared. Have you established your quick getaway list as well?

Sarah Palmer

Hi! I'm Sarah. My husband and I have a beautiful little girl; plus we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby #2, so this is a very exciting time for us. Throughout this amazing journey called Parenthood, I’ve learned so much and love sharing my experiences with other parents at SarahsLovelyFamily.com. I'd love to share my discoveries with you too!

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