7 Tips to Prevent Breast Sagging After Pregnancy

After the weaning, I thought my breasts were empty, over-used and boring. I really see it as out of shape. What happened to my breasts? Did my baby take it all away?

Given a chance to go back in time, I would absolutely choose to become a mother again, no doubt about that. However, when I stare on this two sagging shells in the mirror, it makes me dream of how it was before.

Yet, it is no longer a dream. I have tried these tips to prevent my breasts from sagging after pregnancy. It works! Would you like to have it a try?


Why Do Breasts Sag after Pregnancy?

Why Do Breasts Sag after Pregnancy

Do you also miss the perkiness of your breasts? If so, like me, you are having a situation of sagging breasts. I learned that my breasts start to sag by the time I got pregnant.

Because my breasts become full and heavy during pregnancy, it stretches the ligaments that support them and makes them sag later. When the tissues shrink, and the skin remains stretched, sagging happens.  This is obvious to some who have fuller breasts, especially after multiple pregnancies.

Hence, there are other related causes of breast sagging:

  • Multiple Pregnancies: Your breasts stretches every pregnancy. 
  • The size and shape of the breasts before getting pregnant: Smaller breasts tend to retain original shape better. 
  • Weight Gain: The more you gain weight, the more your breasts stretch.

I admit I feel pressure when it comes to perky breasts. Do not blame me; women’s magazines with their perfect models make me jealous. Well, at least that is the truth for me. That is why I am happy to share with you some tips.

1. Bras with excellent support

The so-called Cooper Ligaments are responsible for lifting and supporting your breasts. Therefore, when these ligaments stretch after some time, it loses its firmness allowing our breasts to sag. To prevent it from doing so, find a bra that can support and hold them up. 

These supportive bras prevent the ligaments from stretching further and keeping your skin from constant sagging. Look for bras that fit comfortably, and supports firmly. I love the type that has an innovative design and makes me feel fresh like the 8-In-1 Evolution Bra from Knix.

2. Maintain a Healthy Weight

The heavier you become, the bigger you are. Am I right? This means, your skin stretches more when you expand in size. You may want to ask help from your OB for the ideal weight for your goal.

Remember: If you are trying to lose weight, do it gradually. Give your skin ample time to adapt the changes and prevents sagging. You eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water.

3. Consistent Work Out

Your OB should be aware of when you start doing exercise after pregnancy. The doctor can help you with your early routines. Visiting the gym often will keep you fit and firm. I do the yoga daily and hit the pool when I have the chance.

Lifting weights can also strengthen the muscles of the back and chest that support the breast tissue. It will help in gaining perkier breasts and perfect posture.

4. Moisturizers

I love moisturizers. I apply it all throughout my body particularly the breasts. Moisturizers keep your skin soft, supple, and firm aiding in retaining back the natural shape of my breasts. I have a moisturizer cream that helps lessen stretch marks that prove to be effective. Look for one that suits you.

5. Never Smoke

Quit smoking, or never try it at all. Smoking makes your skin dry and causes it to sag. Besides, I bet you already know the harm it gives to both you and the baby.

6. Plastic Surgery

Honestly, this option never crossed my mind. However, I understand for some, this is a possibility. When the top five tips do not work, and you find surgery inviting, you can have a choice. Just take note that surgery may affect your breastfeeding when you get pregnant again.

7. Be patient

It cannot be done overnight. Keep your patience and take it slow, one at a time. Perseverance and commitment is a significant help too.


Do you know that breastfeeding does not cause the sagging of breasts? The sagging begins before you gave birth. Therefore, stop thinking about it while feeding your baby. Enjoy your moments with the little one and work on the seven tips I gave you to keep your breasts in shape.

Do you want to share your own tips to prevent breast sagging after pregnancy? If you find it interesting to share with other moms, do so. Who knows, there are plenty of useful ideas that we might add on after. Let’s wait and see!

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