9 Ideas for Having Fun at Home with the Kids

You do not have to travel to the beach or to the latest theme park to have fun with the kids. While travelling can be a fun time for the whole family it is not always practical. For example many families with two or more children often have trips to sporting practices like soccer one day for one child and then gymnastics the next for another. Also, not everyone can afford to spend endless money on paying for activities for multiple children. This point is especially true during school holidays when it seems like there are endless days and weeks to stop boredom from setting in which can lead to frustration for whole family. Many will have the luxury of a vacation during this time but even then there will be time to fill either before or after when the schools and colleges are closed until the new term.


Sometimes you do not need to travel at all have some fun with the kids. With some creativity, research and planning it is possible to have endless fun at home or in the garden. The activities you plan will depend on the ages of your children and if you have a variety of ages to cover it pays to setup multiple activities to keep everyone active and entertained. Below are 5 great ideas you could do in your home and garden.

1. Scavenger hunt in the garden

You do not need to have a 5 acre garden to have an adventurous scavenger hunt. The scenery in your backyard will change with season so there is always something new to see or find.

2. Stair slide

Everyone remembers making their own stair slide growing up. They can be made with things found in the garage or lying around the home. Get some cardboard, a few blankets and pillows and you are good to go. The parents seem to have as much fun as the children doing this. Be sure that everyone is safe when partaking to avoid any accidents that could lead to unwanted visits to the local emergency department. Adult supervision is highly recommended.

3. Rock painting

Every child loves to paint and they usually like it more when painting unusual objects like rocks found out in the garden. Get some paints, brushes and sponges and layout out some newspaper or cardboard to prevent a mess. The better painted rocks can be even become a permanent outdoor resident. Your children will love adding some color to the garden and have a good time doing so.

4. Get planting

Unlike some adults most kids love to get dirty and giving them the opportunity to do so while planting some seeds is a great idea. It also enjoyable for them to water them and watch as they grow. Put some name labels on the pots to help them learn and remember the names of the seeds they planted. It adds a sense of achievement while also giving them some responsibility. Gardening is a great skill to learn for anyone and will stand them in good stead in the years to come.

5. Water fights

Nothing is more enjoyable than a good family water fight. Choose a suitable garden hose to fill up all the water guns and soakers as well as filling a good stack of water balloons. Not only is it good fun but it can be an excellent form of exercise also as everyone is running round trying to avoid getting soaked. Set some rules before beginning to ensure no one gets hurt. Instruct everyone to avoid being overly aggressive and that areas like the face are forbidden when throwing water balloons.

6. Balance beam

Create your own balance beam without the dangers involved in the traditional type used in gymnastics. Place some tape in a straight line on the ground outside in the garden and have everyone take turns walking one foot then the other. Lets me try going backwards to make it more challenging and get some tunes on create a party atmosphere.

7. Hide and Seek

You cannot go wrong with a good game of hide and seek. Get everyone involved and it is likely one family member will find a place where no can find them.

8. Giant Bubbles

Create giant bubbles with some washing liquid and create a large circle out of wire or other material available in the home to make them to size you choose.

9. Build a fort

Building a fort is something everyone has done at some stage. If parents gets involved they can usually help build something a bit more robust to allow the kids more space to enjoy with their friends or other family members. Grab some blankets, pillows, a few chairs and you are good to go.

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