Six Activities that Child with Autism Will Enjoy

Unless you have been with an autistic child for quite some time, it is difficult for you to understand and gain their trust. It is true that children with autism (ASD) mostly share the same pattern of behavior, and if you did your homework, you are utterly aware of it. However, I still insist that each kid is born unique in so many special ways. Hence, you may find an autistic child completely different in personality and development than the other.


ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is a neurobiological condition health condition that affects the normal development of the brain. Therefore, the child’s skill of expressing oneself is affected.

I worked in a child institution under the supervision of autism doctors for children. I learned through experience some techniques to make them interact with one another. Games though, or fun activities are a winner to make the children’s day more sociable and happy for that matter. Once you catch up, you will find that it is easy to let them engage in playing just like any other ordinary kid.

Here are fun and educational activities that can help your day with autistic children full of laughter.

1. Underwater I Spy Alphabet Bottle

Water seems to be amazing and inviting for children with autism. Make use of it to spark interest in these curious minds. Take advantage of their attention and teach them how to recognize letters in a fun way with the shiny floating sequins.

Simply let the children drop the letter beads in a bottle full with half a bottle of water, and half a bottle of corn syrup. Let them drop some glitters as well. The corn syrup will let the movement inside the bottle slow down, giving time for the children to see the letters properly. Make sure that lid is securely sealed.

Let the children sit closer and call them one by one. Let each shake the bottle and identify the letters of his or her name. Others can help too.

2. Paint with Ice

Do you know how amazing it is for a child to touch ice? Doing this activity will give you a chance to explain how water transformed into ice. They will learn how to identify color, the sense of touch, and how to make an art masterpiece.

Simply ask each child to pour paint into each ice tray cube according to the number and colors that she likes. Place a craft stick into each cube to make it appear as colorful ice drop sticks when it hardens. Keep it in the freezer.  

When the cubes are hard enough, let the child choose any color cube sticks that she can use to swirl on the paper while creating art that only she can master.

3. Sculpt Clay Snowflakes

Sparkling colors attract the attention of children. Let them make sparkling snowflakes indoors. At the same time, you can teach them the wonders of winter while enhancing their motor skills and sensory experience as well.

Ask help from the children to prepare the clays. Let them do the pulling and kneading to make it soft. Add glitters into the soft clay and let them knead once more to blend the glitters and clay properly. Help them mold the glittering clay into snowflakes and encourage them to create other shapes as well.

4. Finger Painting

Nothing could be more fascinating for kids than making a mess. Messing up is nice as long as they have to learn about colors and the different surface textures at the same time. Prepare paint blobs of various colors and let the children mix them using their fingers. Let them use their imagination by creating figures on the paint mixture.

When the excitement is over, let them place them stamp their fingerprints or hand prints on the white paper you prepared for the activity.

5. Obstacle Course

You do not need something extensive. Taped lines can be balanced beams for the creative mind, and other toys like a hula-hoop, jumping ropes, and even beanbags are helpful. Pretending to walk like their favorite animal is perfect to make them laugh and enhance their motor skills at the same time.

You can try these actions:

  • Dance like a unicorn
  • Walk like a crab
  • Jump like a kangaroo
  • Wiggle like a worm
  • Crawl like a puppy
  • Slither like a snake

6. Outdoors Activity

Although I seldom let a bunch of children with autism play outdoors unless I have enough help to manage them, I find time occasionally. Their favorite outdoor fun is the alphabetic scavenger game, which I prepared the night before. I make sure that there are surprises to look for as well to motivate everyone.

Do you know that they love playing this game with bare feet? However, you should be responsible for clearing the whole yard with objects that are harmful. The entire playground must be child-safe.


Working with children with autism did not only let me appreciate the happiness out of simplicity and sincerity. I discovered that pure love is free from the innocent. I have learned to develop my patience, sensitivity, and creativity with these children. I encourage you to embrace them and contribute to their development.

If you have activities that you think are helpful, feel free to share.

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