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Baby Can’t keep Pacifier in Mouth: Do You Want to Learn Some Tricks?

It fell off again! Do you think that this cute dilemma will never end? I call it cute since even though my baby can’t keep a pacifier in mouth, I like to see her little lips work on trying to hold it.

Well, sometimes I know she spits it off deliberately, but all is well. At least, I prefer pacifiers than my baby sucking her fingers.

I had a hard time with this on my firstborn, but now that I know the tricks to keep that naughty pacifier in place, it’s no longer a big challenge for me. Since babies don’t know how to use their hands yet, you might need some of my old time tricks to help you out.

I promise it would be easy and fun.



I’m sure that you are familiar with pacifiers. There are tons of types out there that your baby can use. It has various shape, designs, sizes, and colors. Let me orient you on some of the pacifier benefits. If your baby can’t keep the pacifier in mouth, then these advantages may motivate you.

  • It helps prevent SIDS. The connection was never properly explained, and the exact reason is not yet clear. But babies who use pacifiers at sleep has a lower chance of SIDS.
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    It satisfies the suck reflex. It’s the same reason why baby sucks their lips sometimes. Babies may be full, but they can’t help and stop their sucking reflexes. 
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    Your baby can’t keep the pacifier in the mouth for now, but once she gets the hang of it, it will all be natural.
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    Calm the baby down. Using pacifiers is like promoting self-soothing to your little one. Babies are trained to control their emotions, calm down and feel safe. That would mean lesser stress for moms.
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    Pacifiers can be a helpful alternative of nursing your baby to sleep. This is a perfect start to wean her too.
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    It can help you buy time. While the baby is calm and quiet with the pacifier, you can enjoy a few minutes chatting with friends, the line-up for the cashier or some time to prepare her next feeding.

I recommend using Philips Avent pacifier for your baby if you don’t have a brand in mind yet. This got the most positive feedback from experienced moms and the bestseller product too.

Philips Avent pacifier

Via Amazon

4 Tricks You Should Learn When Baby Can’t keep Pacifier in Mouth

Using pacifiers may have its downsides too, but for me, the pros have beaten the cons. It has been useful to my baby and me. I know that your baby can’t keep the pacifier in mouth and you’ve been frustrated to let her do it.  

You see, before I gave it to my baby, I knew all along that one day, I have to find a way on how to get rid of it. Now let me share with you some tricks to help you out.

1. Proper timing is what you need

For the first time, it’s best to give it to your baby when she is not in a grumpy mood. I advise to offer it after feeding. She will tend to remember that sucking it would mean she’s full and contented.

Otherwise, she will reject when you offer it to her when she’s hungry.

2. Choose the right pacifier

Moms know best when it comes to their babies. Try testing with different types of pacifiers. Your baby might like the small and rounded one, with bright colors, and soft to the touch. I recall that mine’s favorite was the pacifier with the little puppy toy attached to it.

Just like this one:

Nookums Paci-Plushies Pacifier

Via Amazon

Pacifiers that quickly catch the interest of the child and easy to spot on are excellent. Your baby won’t need your help in looking for it. If you’re not giving the right one, maybe that’s the reason why your baby can’t keep the pacifier in mouth.

Take note that there are specific pacifiers suited for your baby’s age. Don’t forget to check the labels upon buying.

3. A little creativity goes a long, long way

I know it’s a trick, so let it be. I used to dip the pacifier with the formula or my breast milk before I give it to my baby. Just a little taste of the milk will trick her for a bit, but by the time she sucks on it, it doesn’t matter. She’s hooked!

Besides, the milk will eliminate the nasty smell and taste of rubber. This is usually the case when the pacifier is new and is going to be used for the first time.

4. Never force your baby to use the pacifier

Babies have different qualities and characters. Don’t envy a mother who can easily calm down her baby because of a pacifier and here you are frustrated since your baby can’t keep one in her mouth. Don’t make any comparison.

Never force unto her the use of a pacifier. If she discards it all the time, then accept the fact that she doesn’t need one.

If you have decided to use a pacifier for your baby, I reckon that you have thoroughly thought about it. Along with that decision, you must be aware that comes with is a responsibility as a parent. Keep in mind that there are some downsides that you need to prevent.

Have you heard the debate that pacifiers can lead to baby’s crooked teeth? See if it’s true. Here is a video showing you possible side effects when using the pacifier. It also gives you an idea of how to prevent or eliminate them.

By paying attention, the decision of using a pacifier for your baby will be a success.


Honestly, I have been dependent on pacifiers in different situations. Maybe I have taken advantage on its usefulness. However, it did not make it an excuse to delay training my child to let go of it. You will know when your baby is ready to stop using pacifiers.

When you notice that they are more of enjoying the pacifiers as one of her toys or they are old enough, then it’s finally a goodbye. Lucky for me, my child’s transition wasn’t that hard. However, I know that in some cases, it’s a challenge to keep it away from them forever.

Once, your baby can’t keep a pacifier in mouth. But now, she’s fond of it. Just remember, pacifiers are for comfort and not as a replacement for feeding.

Try my tricks and tell me if it works for you. I know it will!

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