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When Did Your Baby Start Crawling? It is a Milestone You Should Not Miss!

I know that you were excited witnessing your baby’s first attempt to crawl. I bet that your camera was always ready for it because you believed it could happen anytime sooner. When did your baby start crawling? Did you manage to capture it?

For how long did your baby depend on you? You spent time pushing baby carriers for her and carry her along from one place to another. One day, to your surprise, she manages to crawl. Your newborn is now capable of moving across her nursery.

Crawling is a big step toward being independent. I call it a milestone that your baby has achieved. This stage is the start of her endless mobility. When you were in focus of her first attempt to roll, now you are waiting for her to crawl. Brace yourself for in this baby’s physical development, this is also the beginning of your constant assistance on guiding and guarding her against harm.

Your enthusiasm on the anticipating of your child’s freedom to move from point A to point B is just natural for a parent. Learn when are the right time for babies to start crawling and its significance on her physical development. It would not be long to see your baby crawl to get her milk from the other side of the room!


When is the right time for your baby to crawl?

Around six to ten months, expect that your baby to start crawling. However, some babies may skip this stage. My son did not learn how to crawl. Instead, he drags his bottom across the floor to go from one spot to the other.

Although some may go right ahead to pulling up, navigating, then walking, most of the babies learn how to crawl first. You can give your baby a boost to start crawling by giving her plenty of tummy time. Tummy related activities or exercises help develop the child’s neck, shoulders, arms, and trunk to be strong. You will know that your baby is doing just fine when she shows you that she can lift her head already and look around.

Kicking her legs during tummy time makes her legs and hips strong as well. These exercises could be challenging for both you and the baby. Some exercises may not be desirable for your baby, so look for an activity that she will enjoy at the same time. I remember that my sister usually put her son’s favorite toy in front of him as a motivation for him to reach and crawl forward.

When you notice that your little one is doing the cute baby push-ups, it is a sign that she is ready to crawl. The idea of talking to your baby while she lies tummy-side down on your chest is the sweetest crawling preparation that I like. Eventually, when she discovers that rocking forward, backward and a little push off with her knees can make her move an inch, it will not take long to enjoy watching her start to crawl.

Tips to help your baby start crawling: Watch this video!

What to expect as a parent?

You may break into laughter during the first few attempts of crawling. Your baby may look awkward, but this is what to expect.

  • Typical crawl (moving an arm and the opposite leg together in the desire to move forward)
  • Scoot ( dragging the bottom all over the area)
  • Crab style (locomotion with one bent knee, the other one straight, either forward or going sideways)
  • Swimming style (lying flat tummy-side down using both arms to move forward)
  • Backward stroke

All of the above styles are just normal. What is important is the ability of your little one to initiate locomotion by herself. I bet that if you show her how to crawl the right way, she will learn it in no time.

You should expect that during those navigation moments, your baby would experience and discover many things around her. With this, she will learn different emotions, see new things, touch different surfaces, and react in several ways. She may display excitement, impatience, fear, anger, or even frustration. It is at this moment that your baby needs your presence, guidance, and attention.

How will I know that there is something wrong?

I know that some babies may skip crawling. However, when your little one does not show any interest in locomotion and has not made any progress at all by the time she reaches twelve months, I suggest asking your pediatrician’s opinion. Babies that drags one side of the body in the attempt to crawl may raise some concern too.


Each baby’s physical development is unique from one to another. I suggest never comparing your little one’s progress to other babies. Every baby has its own phase. Be patient on your baby’s improvement and be alert to her health.

Enjoy your moments together. You will wake up one day, and your baby is all grown up. Cheers!

Sarah Palmer

Hi! I'm Sarah. My husband and I have a beautiful little girl; plus we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby #2, so this is a very exciting time for us. Throughout this amazing journey called Parenthood, I’ve learned so much and love sharing my experiences with other parents at SarahsLovelyFamily.com. I'd love to share my discoveries with you too!

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