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Baby Feels Hot But No Fever: Moms Still Can’t Shake Off the Anxiety!

I accept that this dilemma is forever true to every mother for today, and in the future. No matter how well informed she could be, there is no denying ​​​​that when it comes to fever, it’s a trap that can’t be missed. It’s a reason why I care to update you on the continuous controversy in this area of child care. Again, let’s go through on why this condition could be that deceiving.


Your baby is one of the most precious beings in the world. You have the responsibility to care and nurture them until they reach an age where they begin to think for themselves. However, before all that, you must know how to keep them healthy as much as possible. There will be times when your baby feels hot, but no fever arises, which makes you wonder if there is something wrong or not.

Are you wondering what the rise in body heat means for your baby, despite having NO fever or illness whatsoever? Read on as we show you what you need to know if your baby feels hot but no fever.

1. Why Your Baby Feels Hot But No Fever

Why Your Baby Feels Hot But No Fever

It might seem suspicious that your child feels hot when touched, but when you whip out your thermometer, his readings are entirely healthy! Take note that the average temperature readings for infants would be around 99 degrees Fahrenheit (rectal temperature).

Many mothers, especially new ones, get anxious and confused if their baby feels hot but no fever, which is why it's important to know why your child has a hot head without feeling any symptoms of illness.

Here are the reasons why your baby might be suffering from a hot head WITHOUT any fever:

#1: Your Thermometer


If your child feels warm, but the thermometer says otherwise, it may be from your thermometer. Have your thermometer replaced, and then recheck the temperature again. It’s a necessity to keep the best thermometer for every home medical kit. If it's similar, then it may be another cause.

Take note that temperature readings may be inaccurate if your baby is a few months old. It's better to check your child's temperature through the underarms or rectum, with the latter being the most accurate. By the way, do you know how to check the temperature without using a thermometer? Avoid tight situations that may arise and learn the basic techniques a mother should know.

#2: Position

baby is lying down

If your baby is lying down on the back of his head, he may feel warmer than usual because of the blood flow. However, that’s completely normal and no cause for harm. Your hands may be cold, making your baby feel warmer when touched even if they are utterly at normal temperature.

Do you know that babies control their temperatures through their face and heads? Hence, not covering those parts is a way of protecting them from being hot. That’s why sleeping on their backs is the best position for babies.

#3: Heat

It might not be a fever, but the environmental factors. If you bring your baby out for a walk in the park, it might be too hot out. The hot weather may result in you and your child feeling warmer when touched. You may also call it a heat rash, usually caused by a hot environment.

While it's not a cause for alarm, you must make sure he is under shade. Bring your baby in when the weather gets too hot. If he is inside and wearing too many clothes, take off a layer of clothing to see if it helps.

#4: Teething

your baby teething

If your baby starts to grow teeth, then one of the symptoms he may suffer from would be a hot head. Be aware that baby teething causes various discomfort to your baby resulting to irritability, pain and slight fever.

#5: Stress or Anxiety

Your baby can also experience a few negative feelings as he begins to grow, and just like grown adults, they may experience hot flashes to fight the response. This might be due to stressful situations, such as an entirely new environment, or feeling discomfort after excreting poop or pee.

However, intense positive emotions can cause the same effect to babies too. Too much physical activity and excitement are another reason why baby feels hot but no fever. A little rest and relaxing will lower the temperature down. Physical, emotional and mental stress cause a sudden increase in a child’s body temperature.

#6: Normal

Sometimes, it may just be normal. As long as your baby isn't extremely hot and has no signs of high temperature or fever, then it's nothing to worry about. Also, take note that your body temperature will naturally rise during the afternoon or evening.

2. What To Do When Your Baby Feels Hot But No Fever

What To Do When Your Baby Feels Hot But No Fever

If your baby has a hot head or body but suffers from no high temperature or symptoms of illness, then here are some things you can follow:

  • If your child is teething, then you can find remedies to help him ease the pain. Giving him a tiny portion of Tylenol can help. Another solution would be getting teethers or gels that relieve the discomfort.
  • check
    If the weather is too hot, keep him in the house in the ideal room temperature. It's best not to keep your baby outside since it can have him have a heat rash, or worse, a heat stroke. Don't let him overheat or begin sweating.

Other than that, then you won't need to worry about your baby running a fever. All you need to do is to keep him as comfortable as possible and observe him. After all, it isn't only the temperature that's important, but how your baby behaves as well.

3. When You Should Bring Your Baby to a Doctor

When you should bring your baby to a doctor
  • Your child may not be running a fever, but if he suffers from fever-like symptoms and seems uncomfortable, then it may be time to contact a physician to diagnose the problem and find the solution to it properly.
  • check
    One of the most important things you should note will be if he shows signs of dehydration, as this is very dangerous for a baby. If he begins to vomit or suffers from diarrhea, then you must seek medical attention immediately.
  • check
    If your baby starts to have a fever after a few days of having a hot head, don't panic. Remember that fever is not an illness but only develops to help fight germs and viruses that cause infection. In fact, you may try reducing the fever without medicine. While you can make him take antibiotics, it's better to let him stay comfortable without any medication and let him fight it off himself (if it is only a mild fever).

4. In Conclusion

If your baby feels hot, then it may be time to take him to a doctor. But this also depends on the situation. There are reasons why your baby feels hot without a fever, and all it takes is the proper care to keep him comfortable when those times come, especially while he's teething.

I hope that this article helped you become more knowledgeable about the causes of why your baby feels hot but no fever. Now you know what to do and when to seek medical advice if it happens again.

If you liked the article or have any questions and tips to share about what to do if your baby feels hot but no fever, then comment down below. We'd love to hear your thoughts regarding the matter.

Sarah Palmer

Hi! I'm Sarah. My husband and I have a beautiful little girl; plus we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby #2, so this is a very exciting time for us. Throughout this amazing journey called Parenthood, I’ve learned so much and love sharing my experiences with other parents at SarahsLovelyFamily.com. I'd love to share my discoveries with you too!

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Ashley Brooks - March 9, 2018

My Daughter is hot all over but she is teething should she be seen by the doctor

    Sarah - March 10, 2018

    Hi Ashley, MILD fever is common when babies are teething. Times like these, they’re in pain. So bear with their fussiness. What’s your baby’s body temperature? If it’s anything near 101 degrees, I recommend seeing your pediatrician. Other than teething, an infection could be the reason for the fever.

Khatri - April 10, 2018

Hi dear, my 6 month son has not got fever but his head and body is really hot. We took him to the doc n he said he’s ok. M little worried for him. What should I do?

    Sarah Palmer - May 16, 2018

    Hello Khatri,
    I’m sorry for the delay. It’s a relief to know that your little one has no fever. That means there is no infection whatsoever. Try placing your baby’s crib in a colder and relaxed area at home and don’t expose him to heat outdoors. This way, there’s comfort even during summer days. The comfier he is, the happier he will be. Sometimes, stress can cause them to be hot all over. And one more thing, is he teething? Being hot is normal when teething. And so does the crying and pain too. A bit of Tylenol can calm him down though. Remember, if you observe something is amiss, don’t hesitate to bring him back to the doctor. I worry a lot too. But that’s what mothers do!

Minor - November 17, 2018

My 11 months boy his head is hot and doesn’t have appetite, its causes him to be dehydrated what can I do

Tumelo - March 7, 2020

I need help my little boy who is turning 7 years soon is always hot I head we try so my doctors but nothing is happening please help me


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