The Use of Baby Oil on Face: Do You Know What Happens?

The mere mention of baby oil quickly associates our thoughts to a baby’s soft and smooth skin. It is no surprise when we adults start to use baby oil on the face too. Is it because of the delusion of the desire for youthful magic, or the fact that baby oil works?

It’s about time we know!


What is Baby Oil?

I’m sure that you’re familiar with baby oil. It’s the scented mineral oil that we commonly used for baby’s skin and hair. Its clear liquid contains alkanes and cycloalkanes.

The composition is strictly the same as the petroleum jelly you apply to your baby’s diaper rashes. I’ve observed the most famous brand for baby oils is Johnson and Johnson’s.

baby oils is Johnson and Johnson’s


A bottle of baby oil also contains Aloe Vera extract, vitamins, and honey. Some have shea and cocoa butter mixture in it. If I’m not mistaken, you have one kept somewhere too.

My favorite baby oil is “Mountain Falls“. It’s not only useful to babies but adults as well. Baby oil is cheap but effective and recommended for a skin product. 

The Use of Baby Oil on Face

Regardless of the point that it’s primarily for babies, adults have found plenty of ways to make baby oil convenient. Surprisingly, it’s now a part of our beauty routine and household supplies. I apply baby oil on the face for so many reasons.

Don’t be shocked when you find it more diverse when it comes to its effectiveness. 

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    Aids in cleaning my face from cosmetics: Baby oil is best for removing stubborn makeup. Just put a few drops on a cotton ball and gently rub it on the surface of your face especially at the eyelids and lips.
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    Tame Brows: Are you having a hard time taming your brows? Apply a small amount to your unruly eyebrows, and it will be easy for you to keep it in place as you please.
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    Relief for Eye Bags: Those huge eye bags are an embarrassment. Just mix a few drops of oil and warm water. Dip two cotton pads into it, squeeze out excess oil and place it on your eyes for a while. 

Here is a video showing you the proper way on how to apply baby oil on your face.

Benefits of Baby Oil on Face

After those simple applications that prove baby oil as useful on our face, we can’t help wonder why it was useful. What happens when we rub a few baby oil on our skin? What makes it a typical beauty product for all?

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    Like other mineral oil creams, baby oil provides extra moisture to your skin. It’s even more efficient than lotions. It protects and retains moisture in your skin. In doing so, it makes it smooth and soft.
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    Vitamins and Minerals
    The natural vitamins and minerals found in baby oils are beneficial to our skin. It’s a point that these nutrients speed up healing scratches, even our skin tones, and scars. 

The Danger of Using Baby Oil

Sun Damage

Although the use of baby oil is already a part of our beauty routine, I recommend that you limit the frequency of your application. Baby oil is a reflector. Hence, it draws sunlight and strengthens the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. The rays then infiltrate deeper into the skin and create a dark color.

You may like the idea of tanned skin, but it often results in sunburn. Baby oil speeds up severe skin damage from burns. Refrain from using baby oil when you plan to go outdoors since it can’t protect your skin.

The Danger of Using Baby Oil

Acne Infection

Using too much baby oil may cause acne infection. The primary function of baby oil is to become a barrier to your skin to prevent loss of moisture. So it is essential to clean the face thoroughly before application to prevent dirt from being trapped inside.

Without regular cleaning, this situation will cause infection and would be a start of acne breakouts. 

The Controversy behind Using Baby Oils

Apparently, with all the negative articles I’ve found, the use of baby oils have become a controversy. Many have expressed that this is harmful to the skin. I was skeptical. What happens to babies who use this then?

Concerned that all issues are real, I’ve tried to search deeper. After all, I applied baby oil to my babies, and I use it as well.

  • I’ve learned that baby oils do not cause cancer.
    The mineral oil that is present in baby oils is strictly regulated worldwide by the FDA for safe use. It’s incredibly refined and purified. No proof of mineral oils relates to cancer. Therefore, baby oil is harmless.
  • The use of baby oil does not prevent collagen and vitamins from being absorbed to the skin.
    No studies or proofs given to support this claim. Mineral oil used for baby oil products does not influence vitamin absorption at all. It does not cause dry skin or premature aging. In fact, collagen is too big to be absorbed to our skin.


If you’re still disturbed on adverse issues, you can always look for a healthy and safe choice of baby oils.

There are two kinds of baby oil. The mineral baby oil that I have mentioned and the natural baby oil. Although natural baby oils are costly than mineral, it always comes out worthy especially when it’s about health. Try, and you’ll discover that they work even better than mineral oils.

I suggest coconut oil as best to use for sensitive skin. 


Baby oil exists for a long time. For me, it’s useful in preserving the smoothness and softness of our skin like a baby. However, I understand that improper hygiene, excessive usage and incorrect way of application of this product may harm the texture of the skin.

Application of baby oil on the face will be useful if we adhere to the guidelines that go with it.

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