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baby falls asleep while nursing

Your baby falls asleep while nursing? Help is on the way!

One of many challenges that new moms face comes about when the baby falls asleep while nursing. This is quite common but a concern...
baby waking up too early

Why is my baby waking up too early: Simple Solutions

Finally, after six weeks of reversing days and nights, you and your baby are sleeping longer. However, you now have a new issue to...
newborn won't sleep in crib

Best Advice for Parents when Newborn Won’t Sleep in Crib

Are you in the situation where you wonder why your newborn won’t sleep in crib?At last, your much-anticipated bundle of joy has arrived. You...
baby sleeping face down

Is Your Baby Sleeping Face Down?

When caring for your child, you'll need to make sure he has the adequate amount of sleep. Not only should his sleeping schedule be...
Baby Won’t Sleep Unless Held

Your Baby Won’t Sleep Unless Held? Find Out Why and How to Solve It!

When caring for your child, I'm sure that all of you have become obsessed with holding them and showing your baby all the love...
Baby wakes up every hour

Reasons Your Baby Keeps Waking Up Every Hour

It’s a situation parents of infants know all too well. You and your little one have had a big, exciting day, and now it’s...