Is Your Baby Sleeping Face Down?

When caring for your child, you’ll need to make sure he has the adequate amount of sleep. Not only should his sleeping schedule be prioritized, but so should the way he sleeps as well. Did you know that our baby’s sleeping position is also a major factor in his overall health? So, is a baby sleeping face down a right or wrong thing?


Read on as I show you how your baby’s sleeping position should be like and if it’s a bad thing to have your baby sleeping on his stomach.

Is Your Baby Sleeping Face Down Healthy?

Just like grown adults, sleeping positions is important. The way you sleep will make or break the quality of your rest. There are a lot of sleeping positions you can do, but there are three main positions that depend on the body part you are resting on.

Some babies sleep on their side, while others sleep on their backs. But some babies sleep facing down and won’t be able to rest properly if you move them to a different position!

But babies are very sensitive and are susceptible to sleeping accidents, especially the most-feared SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Not only are sleeping accidents scary but they are also fatal and can lead to your baby’s death.

I know it sounds worrying and you won’t want to leave your baby’s side after hearing this news, but not to worry. There are ways on how you can prevent SIDS from happening, as long as you are informed of the proper sleeping position for babies, which is NOT face down!

The Proper Sleeping Position for Babies

If you happen to see your baby sleeping face down, then it’s time to have him get used to another sleeping position. Babies who sleep on their stomachs or sides are more susceptible to suffering from SIDS.

As comfortable as your baby might be, sleeping on their stomachs can also lead to other accidents, such as the inability to breathe. Because they are face down, their mouths are covered by pillows or beddings.

So what is the proper sleeping position if your baby shouldn’t rest when facing down?

  • Your baby needs to sleep on his back!

Yes, sleeping on your back is the healthiest and recommended sleeping position for babies, as it stabilizes his breathing and reduces the risk of suffering from SIDS and other sleeping accidents.

Other tips to help ensure a healthy sleeping position for your baby would be to keep his bed well-supported and without any choking hazards.

There will be instances that your baby may shift positions while sleeping or refuse to rest if he doesn’t sleep face down, which poses a problem. While you might worry about the way he sleeps, there are ways on how you can help your baby get used to sleeping on his back.

How to Encourage Your Baby to Sleep Properly

Here are the things you can do to have your baby sleep on his back and reduce any risk of suffocation or SIDS:

  • Make sure to place your baby on his back before bedtime : Make sure to regularly check your baby’s sleeping position every few hours and have him get used to being on his back.
  • Change your baby’s environment : If your baby sleeps on very soft surfaces, then it might end up increasing his risk of sleeping accidents. Make sure that the bed or crib your baby sleeps on is firm and without any safety hazards.

Consider the bedding and pillows your baby uses. Cover the mattress with a fitted sheet and avoid thick blankets that might choke your child.

  • Do NOT sleep with your baby : Not only will your baby have higher chances of rolling on his stomach to sleep, but it will also increase his risk of suffocation when sleeping between his parents. Also, your baby may get used to sleeping with you, refusing to sleep without the loving arms of his parents!

It’s best to install a crib near your bed to regularly check up on your baby. It will also give him closure and reassurance that you are there beside him.


Your baby’s sleep will help keep him healthy and energized, so it’s best to ensure that you encourage a proper sleeping position for better breathing and quality of rest. It’s important to know the proper sleeping position for him to practice good sleep quality.

I hope that this article answers the question on the effects of your baby sleeping face down. Now that you are fully informed of how a baby should sleep, encourage your little one to sleep properly through these tips!

If you have any other questions or experiences with your baby’s sleeping position, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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