How to Prevent Baby Sweating in Car Seat?

You might wonder how to prevent baby sweating in car seat. You take your baby out of the seat and find that the back of the head and even the clothing are damp with sweat. Surely this cannot be comfortable.

Furthermore, a high temperature in the car can your baby to suffer from heat exhaustion or from dehydration caused by extreme sweating. Thus learning how to keep baby cool is of the utmost importance.

So we are going to learn more about how to keep baby cool in car seat and look at few products that might promote a more comfortable ride for your baby.

Simple 11 Tips that Prevent Baby Sweating in Car Seat

The following hints will help you to plan trips to where your baby is kept comfortable during the entire journey. In no time at all, remembering how to keep baby cool in car seat can turn into a daily habit.

  • Schedule trips and errands for morning or evening: In the warmest months, you might need to plan car rides during the hours when daytime temperatures are at their coolest. However, one thing to bear in mind is that the sun may be low, but it can still shine directly in baby’s eyes depending on the direction you are driving.
  • checkPre-Cool the car beforehand: This tip is similar to “warming up” the car in the winter. Try to give yourself an extra five minutes to leave your car running with the air conditioner on to cool off the interior before placing the baby in the car seat.
  • checkKeep a spray bottle on hand: This is a handy tool that also decreases the chances of baby sweating in car seat. When the temperatures climb to an uncomfortable level, you can spritz the top of your baby’s head lightly (and your own face, if necessary).
  • checkShade the Windows: When parking in the shade is not an option, then cover both the windshield and the back window with reflective cover. Preventing direct sunlight from shining in will keep the inside of the car cooler which also keeps the baby cooler.
  • checkTint the windows: If your vehicle is not equipped with tinted windows, then you might consider taking it to a professional or tinting them yourself (if you have that much time and patience). This added feature is well worth the comfort and protection from the sun’s harsh rays.
  • checkAim the vents upward: To ensure that the cool air reaches the back seat, try tilting the vents slightly upward so that the air flows toward the backseat. The vents on the far right and left can also be adjusted facing outward so that the air flows to the back to lessen the prospect of baby sweating in car seat.
  • checkCheck the backseat vents: If you own a vehicle with climate control and/or backseat vents, check those features with the car running before you leave. You will be able to see for yourself how to keep baby cool in car seat by adjusting the direction of the airflow.
  • checkFor longer trips, take some cool drinks: Hydration is so important for little ones, especially during those long summer road trips. So be sure to pack extra water (which is best) and some juice to quench baby’s thirst.
  • checkChoose a light-colored seat: Chances are, when you purchased your vehicle, you might have taken the color of the interior into consideration, particularly whether or not it would attract sunlight. This should also be the case when purchasing a car seat if possible.
  • checkDress baby in light breathable clothing: Cotton is the best choice of fabric, especially during the summer, because of its breathability. Additionally, make sure your baby’s clothes are lightweight and loose-fitting. Also consider allowing your baby to just wear a Onesie while in the car.
  • checkCover the seat with a breathable cloth: You can take a thin lightweight blanket and cover the seat, especially if there are patches of vinyl on the seat itself. This will keep your baby from getting too warm and sticky. For a more cooling effect, try wrapping reusable cold compresses in the blanket and lay them in the seat for a while before traveling. Don’t forget to remove the compresses before traveling but leave the nice cool blanket.

For more information on different traveling tips on how to keep baby cool in car seat, check out this video:

Some Helpful Products

In addition to employing some useful tricks for keeping baby cool, you can also check out some of these useful products.

  • Noggle – this contraption attaches to the front vent on your dashboard while the other end of the hose blows the cool air from your air conditioner into the back seat area. Adapters come in square or circular shape for a perfect fit. There is also a loop on the hose that allows you to attach it to the passenger seat.
  • Cool Carats COOLTECH Car Seat Cooler – this item can be placed in the freezer and then on the seat, but PLEASE remember that it needs to be removed before putting your child in the car. It also folds into its own carrying case with an easy-to-snap clasp and handle.
  • Homitt Static Cling Car Window Sun Shades – these handy shades block out the sun’s harsh UV rays while promoting a cooler interior. They help keep your baby cool and comfortable without obstructing your view.


So there are lots of hints for keeping your baby cool and comfortable in the car seat. We’ve covered everything from keeping the interior of the car at a low temperature, to keeping the seat itself cool and bringing helpful and useful items to make the trip more pleasant and safer for your baby.

Remember, when traveling long distances or just running errands, some steps to remember are:

  • Plan ahead for traveling during the cooler hours of the day
  • checkBring any necessary items, like cool drinks, shades, or gadgets
  • checkTry, if possible, to regulate the temperature of your vehicle

And I invite you to share any questions, comments, or any tips of your own that you have tried when traveling with your baby or toddler.

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