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How Congratulate Someone On Their New Born Baby

How To Congratulate Someone On Their New Born Baby

The arrival of a new born baby in the family often bring immersive joy, whatever the sex of the child might be, the family...
Baby Teething Fever

Baby “Teething Fever”: Look at the Facts behind It

It is true that a baby gives joy to an empty home. The day I gave birth to my little one, she was warm,...

My Newborn Farts a Lot! Is This a Scary Medical Warning?

I know it’s cute and funny when babies pass gas with that weird expression on the face. I just couldn’t get enough with it!...
baby stopped rolling over

Baby Stopped Rolling Over: What Shall I Do?

Babies are constantly a surprise, unpredictable, and are almost a mystery to me. I would know since I have five of them. When my...
baby shaking head side to side

Baby Shaking Head Side to Side – Should You Worry or Not?

New mothers watch for any potential behavior that is unusual or concerning from their baby. So many people are afraid of Autism or other...
baby spitting up clear liquid

Baby Spitting Up Clear Liquid: What Do I Do About It?

Your baby spits up occasionally after a feeding. Or sometimes, this suddenly happens hours after a feeding. Either way, you worry somewhat because you...
Baby sucks on fingers

Have you ever wondered why baby sucks on fingers?

Did you know that every little action and sound your baby makes has a meaning behind it? In other words, when your baby sucks...
Baby Sucking on Bottom Lip

The Truth about Baby Sucking on Bottom Lip

What should you do when you see your baby sucking on bottom lip? Honestly, the best answer to this question is to get the...
Baby Teeth Coming In Crooked

The Truth About Baby Teeth Coming In Crooked

As your baby grows to become a toddler, he will begin to develop his physical looks and mental abilities. One of them would be...