7 Essentials When Weaning Your Baby

It is a relief when a new mom finds friendly guides such as this to help the new challenges she needs to face like weaning her baby. Are you struggling to make it happen too? Anyways, it all comes to starting with the basics. It is just simple than you might think. For a start, secure the essential tools that you will need when starting to feed your baby — choosing the right one matters. Let me guide you on what to put on your checklist.

1. Baby Chairs

You usually call this equipment as highchairs, especially when dining out. You need to find a place for your baby that assures safety. This chair lets your baby sit upright and comfortable. There are plenty of choices when it comes to this necessity. My daughter’s first chair is of pink wooden material that has prints of flowers and birds on it. Colors and prints can calm down a baby that finds eating solid food something new. Other designs offer some features like cup holders, storage bins, and decorative toys.

2. Baby Spoons

Weaning spoons are different from what you use regularly. Make sure to find the kind that is baby-friendly. The material should be soft and safe. It is common to find one of a plastic kind and must have a design that is easy for your baby to grip and will not hurt the mouth. Not only are you starting to introduce solid food to your baby, but also teaching her to be familiar with the spoon and its use.

3. Bowls

Have you found plenty of adorable feeding bowls in the market? Yes, they are usually of pastel colors and in different shapes. I remember my child loving her bowl shaped like a shape. It was made out of silicone and is completely safe and durable.

4. Bibs

In the first few weeks, you will need plenty of bibs to keep your baby clean during feeding. For me, this item is a must. I suggest buying enough because sometimes, finding time in doing the laundry. Bibs are not just needed when feeding babies but work fine also for drools and burps.

5. Starter Cups

At six months, your baby is ready to use the starter cup. Weaning your little one off the bottle and introducing the cup could be challenging. However, plenty of baby first cups is available that have designs to help you. It is important not to let your baby use the bottle for long to protect the teeth. Starter cups are better to be of plastic material and with handles easy enough for the baby to grip. Make sure that the edges are not sharp so as not to hurt her lips. You will find baby cups with different colors and prints.

6. Splash Mat

Keeping your baby safe and clean is the priority. However, what about your precious floor? Taking care of your baby demands a lot of time already. Hence, avoid spending extra time cleaning the kitchen floor after every feeding. I say that splash mats are practical and helpful to protect your floor.

7. Blenders

For a start, purees are healthy and safe for your baby. First solid food does not need to be hard. Give time for your baby to adjust in terms of chewing and for her tummy not to get upset. Blenders are the easiest tool to make purees. It is convenient and fast in processing. However, you will not need this for very long, but it is useful for the first few months. Weaning a baby does not need to be an expensive stage. The things you need to buy do not cost that much. Remember that weaning is just a short stage. I suggest not investing so much for the tools and equipment. Your weaning tools like cups, spoon, and cups need to be sterilized when your baby is under six months old. Older than that, as long as the tools are not contaminated with milk, a thorough washing is enough.


Weaning could be a memorable stage of your baby for you and all. Nothing could be exciting, funny, and challenging to introduce solids to your child. I can relate when you feel like giving your little one the first taste of your favorite food. Watching the expression of her face could be a memory that will last a lifetime. Hence, make sure to secure the right tools, keep it sanitized, and enjoy the moments.

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