Clothes for Your Little Girl: How to Pick the Right Outfit?

I am a bit of a fashionista mom. So, when I gave birth to my little girl, I became so excited when thinking about the trendy baby clothes. Well, of course, I finally have a little me!

Hence, when I was ready, my favorite role as a mom has just begun. That is, yep, shopping! I can totally talk about this forever, but for a start, I will be sharing with you a practical guide on how to choose the right outfit for your little girl.

Practical Guide on How to Pick the Right Outfit for your Baby Girl

Buying clothes for your little fashionista need not be costly. I have been there.  Today, online shops are a big help for career moms like me.

For me, I do find helpful for my baby’s basic clothing needs. I love going to stores if my schedule permits. However, to save my precious time, online shopping works for me.

Right Outfit for your Baby Girl

The Right Cloth

Although you might like that trendy dress over there, you very well know that when it comes to babies, comfort is one of our priority. Newborn skin is sensitive and is easily irritated. Choose a fabric that is soft and natural like cotton and wool.

Take note that synthetic materials similar to polyester may cause an allergic reaction. Make sure that the fabric quality suits your baby’s needs and yours. Some fabrics don’t require ironing and are easy to wash the stain out. You will desperately need that.


Do you know that your choice of color for your baby girl is a huge influence on her mood and the people around her? Pastel colors are soothing to the eyes and have a soothing and happy effect on people. Besides, such colors look neat and clean which is essential for a baby.

My favorite color for my baby girl is baby blue. I knew you will react, but it suits her. Do you believe that blue is for boys, and pink is for girls? Sadly, I do not.

Colors are there for everyone to enjoy. Limiting the use of color because of gender is not true for me. How about you?

The Right Fit

Pick the clothes that fit your baby comfortably. It does not matter whether it is tight or loose. Both will drive you and your baby crazy. Besides the fact that it won’t look nice on,

Your little one will become fussy wearing clothes that do not fit her.

Taking off a tight dress from your baby is tiring. Avoid stress by checking on the size guide when buying.

The Right Style

The Right Style

Regardless of what the occasion is, being mindful of what your baby girl’s dress is essential.  I know that there are plenty of gorgeous designs out there, but you need to think twice before choosing.  

  • Suit the dress according to the theme. If it’s a beach party, never put on the princess gown. Do you get it?
  • Don’t sacrifice her comfort because of style. The lacy outfit pricks her sensitive skin. Get rid of it.
  • You can go with the latest fashion. However, make sure that it suits well. You are excited about the fabulous sweaters in trend. But, aren’t you living in the tropics?
  • Don’t let your baby girl wear a style that is meant for grown-ups. Just wait for the right time. Enjoy her being a little girl.
  • Only you know your baby girl well. When she is gassy, don’t let her wear dresses that show most of her skin especially the tummy. Know the proper dress for her health condition. Try to search and you’ll see that there are plenty of styles that are suitable for cute and sweet baby girls like yours.
  • Consider buying a style that is easy to put on and take off. Otherwise, it will take too much of your time, effort, and good vibes doing so. Since babies still wear diapers, I choose the style that has an opening at the bottom for a quick diaper change.


As a mom, I consider safety as my first priority. No matter how fancy the dress is, I will reject it when I find it hazardous for my little girl. A sharp zipper, loose button, or too many accessories that dangle are a possible accident threat. Zippers can cut the skin, buttons are mistaken as food, and dangling fabrics can make her trip.

Final Thoughts

I enjoy dressing up my little girl. Sometimes, it is one of my natural stress relievers. I am sure that you will feel the same too. If you remember the tips I gave you, it will help you through. The guide remains true all the time.

Remember, your little girl will outgrow those fabulous dresses in no time. Therefore, stick to your budget, limit accessories and stick to the basics. Share this with all the moms who have little fashionistas. Your suggestions will brighten my day!

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