Are You Curious? The Benefits of Dry Breastfeeding

Many make dry breastfeeding a big deal. In fact, plenty of speculations are everywhere. I don’t mind; I do dry breastfeeding to my kids. Maybe some missed seeing the advantages it gives to both mother and baby.

So, let me explain the benefits of dry breastfeeding and see how useful it is!


What is Dry Breastfeeding?

Trying to breastfeed a child even with little or empty milk is called dry breastfeeding. In some circumstances, a mother allows her child to suckle to someone else because of specific reasons. This dry breastfeeding has raised debates. I guess this is because it’s out of the norm and not all are willing to accept it.

What are the Benefits of Dry Breastfeeding?

There are several conditions that dry breastfeeding is useful. It may be painful to mothers since nipples tend to be sore with suckling. Well, I say it’s worth it as each situation offers different benefits. Whatever the gain, it’s at all times for the welfare of the baby.

Dry Breast Feeding for Premature Infants

It is an infant’s instinct to suck even to those who were born prematurely. Suckling makes their breathing patterns better and encourages weight gain. Although this is true, most of them have not yet developed coordination in sucking, swallowing and breathing. Therefore, feeding on a breast full of milk may be too much for them to cope.

So where does dry breastfeeding come into this? So that infants would be able to suck without “drowning” mothers pump and empty their breast before letting their child latch. Of course, the baby can’t get enough milk or none at all from the feeding, but he is familiarizing himself from the smell and the taste out of the milk droplets.

The mother’s pumped milk is given to the baby using a feeding tube.


  • checkIncreases mother’s milk supply- suckling stimulates milk production.
  • checkMore extended period of breastfeeding- increase the supply of breastmilk can support the baby for a long time.
  • checkGives adequate time for the mother to practice the right holding position while breastfeeding 
  • checkWhen you only have little drops of milk, the infant will not drown thus giving enough time to learn how to latch on and suckle appropriately without gasping for air.

Dry Breastfeeding for Comfort

Babies suckle when they need comfort. They suckle even when they’re not hungry. However, they tend to crave for that comfort even when your breast is already dry. It’s funny because I just realized the difference between suckling for hunger and suckling for comfort.

Hungry babies who suckle dry breasts cries and becomes frustrated and fussy. Some babies suck on their own fingers or suck their bottom lips. Nevertheless, there are babies who seek comfort from their mom’s breast even when empty, grow calm and happy. It’s a beautiful gift and an apparent deep bond between mother and child.


  • checkIt encourages the baby to trust and interact.
  • checkIt initiates a meaningful bonding.
  • checkAn efficient way to ease the baby and snooze soundly.
  • checkAids in the better mouth and jaw development.

Dry Breastfeeding while expecting another baby

I was still breastfeeding with my firstborn even though I was already expecting my second child. Some said that it’s not okay to breastfeed while pregnant. Although my milk was drying up, I did dry breastfeeding and came out okay. I may have been that healthy when I was pregnant to be able to do it.

I don’t believe it is related to miscarriage. I’m no expert, but if you plan to do the same, you try to consult with your GP first. Nevertheless, dry breastfeeding while pregnant is painful and uncomfortable. But during my last trimester, I began to produce colostrum and making lots of it before I gave birth.


  • checkEarly, high supply of colostrum ready for the new baby, and a continuous flow of milk.
  • checkMother would be able to comfort the first baby easily. It’s less physical and emotional stress during pregnancy.

Here’s something that might surprise you. Do you know that you can do dry breastfeeding even if the child is not biologically yours? Some babies find comfort in suckling and do not mind if you’re her mother or not. So if you have a gold heart and is willing to extend a helping hand, you know you can!

Dry Breastfeeding to stimulate lactation even when you did not give birth.

Though rarely, I have learned that you can stimulate lactation even though you did not give birth. Yeah, unbelievable for me at first, but it is true. Apparently, prolactin and oxytocin (hormones responsible for lactation) generation transpire in the pituitary gland. In any way, the process does not associate with the reproductive system.

Therefore, this is good news for mothers who desperately want to nurse their adopted babies. The best baby milk in the market can never be compared to breastmilk.

Dry breastfeeding is controversial, but it works!


  • checkA chance for parents to breastfeed their adopted babies.

My Thoughts

It’s crazy to understand the benefits of dry breastfeeding. Some might find it weird and impossible but it’s undeniable and is a scientific fact. Dry breastfeeding is a challenge to moms. But since when do moms surrender when it comes to their babies?

I’d say, let’s support dry breastfeeding. Everybody can do this, even men too! Hmmm…curious?

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