How Many Burp Cloths Do I need In a Day?

One, two or three? I just do not know how many burp cloths I need that are enough to sustain a day. While I wait for some to dry, I have a few pieces to use for the rest of the night. I use burp cloths to wipe and clean my baby’s spit ups, drools, milk, and just about any mess I find in her face.

Running out of burp cloths is annoying. Often, I find myself rummaging for alternatives. I need it to be within my reach anytime. Do you have an idea how many burp cloths should I keep?

The Importance of Burp Cloth

Use burp cloths to prevent staining your clothes from spit ups. Burping naturally happens every after feeding your newborn. It is a good thing since it let the gas from your baby’s tummy to come out. Unfortunately, it makes the baby spit up most of the time.

I call my need for burp cloths as practical. Maybe because it makes my life easy and convenient at the same time. I am meticulous when it comes to cleanliness. I dislike it so much when my baby burps and spit up, but there is nothing for me to grab and wipe it up.

I should know how many burp cloths I need. Well, if my reflexes are quick enough, I can dodge the slimy liquid. However, I never became an expert in that game.

How Many Burp Cloths Do I Need?

As I have come to think about it, moms may have different needs. To know how many burp cloths you will need, there are few factors to consider upon purchase. It would all depend on how often I feed my child and to what extent I can reuse the burp cloths.

The Frequency of Spitting

I notice that my baby spits after burping when she is too full. This happens when she finishes a bottle in one setting on scheduled feeding time. The spitting surprises that happens in between is when I need the burp cloths the most.

Therefore, if I feed my baby eight times a day, I would need eight (8) burp cloths and a few extra for a day. I guess, a total of twelve (12) is sensible.

The Frequency of Washing the Burp Cloths

If I am not too busy, I can wash the burp cloths right away and let it dry. In this case, I would only need a few burp cloths to keep. I could cut the number of burp clothes that I need in half.

Nevertheless, washing all the dirty burp cloths one time at the end of the day will make you need more. If you use twelve of it within the day, you need another extra 12 of it for the next day while waiting for the rest to dry.

The Reusing the Burp Cloths

How many burp cloths do I need? I came up with the answer above because I do not reuse my burp cloths. However, when there is not much stain, I tend to hold on a bit to it a little longer. The in-between feed spitting is just minimal and does not spoil the whole cloth.

By doing so, I can reduce the number of burp cloths to use. At this rate, having 8-10 cloths would be enough.

What kind of Burp Cloth Do You Have?

There are various kinds of burp cloths out there. What kind do you prefer? You already have an idea how many burp cloths you will need. You can now tell if you still need some. 

For me, I feel comfortable to use the type that does not slip from my shoulder. It is bothersome to lost it or pick it up all the time while I carry my baby. I like it to be thin enough to absorb the spit up because thick ones are too hot.

Hence, here are my personal criteria for a useful burp cloth.

  • Cotton: It is absorbent and soft. Since it is washable, absorbent, and reuse it several times. Being soft means, it is gentle to the baby’s skin.
  • checkSize: I pick the cloth that is big enough to cover my shoulder. At least to protect my shirt from being stained.
  • checkPrice: Unless you have the budget to buy expensive ones (since there is) I recommend the kind with reasonable cost. There are plenty of designs on the market, but I suggest picking the multi-purpose cloth.

I am using this burp cloth right now. It meets all the standards I mentioned. Try to consider the product; after checking how many burp cloths you will need, you might want to have the same. I like the fact that it is pure and organic cotton, large enough to protect me from stains, and the colors are gender neutral.

My Top 5 Picks


Our Rating

1. Gerber Baby Boys’ 4 Pack Flannel

2. Gerber Baby Girls’ 4 Pack Flannel

3. Gerber Unisex Baby 4 Pack Flannel

4. Brooklyn Bamboo

5. Copper Pearl

Do you want to watch a tutorial on how to use a burp cloth? Here is a video showing you how.


My baby burp big time and then goes the sticky, sour-smelling spit that splat on my shoulder and stick there forever. But that was before when I do not have burp cloth. So now that I know how many burp cloths I need, I never run out of it.

It is a good thing that designs for burp clothes nowadays are suited for an active mom. It is now comfortable, practical and more useful than the plain old cloth before. It does not need to be expensive.

The primary reason to use burp cloth is to wipe the spit-up. A clean, soft and absorbable cloth will do. How about you? Do you have enough at home, or are you planning to go shopping after?

Let me know if you need more information. Just drop a message and let us talk about it.

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