How to Induce Lactation Quickly: Several Ways Mothers Should Try

I totally feel you. On my first time, I had a hard time finding techniques on how to induce lactation quickly. I knew my baby was getting hungry and I was in a hurry.It was difficult and yes, painful. But mothers don’t give up. No, not me!Let’s have a chat. Hear me out.

Don’t be frustrated. Lactation is nature’s way of enabling a mother to feed her young. But it does not mean it’s exclusive to mothers who just gave birth.

Are you aware that women can generate milk even without being pregnant (source)? And guess what, that’s when induced lactation comes in!Another term for induced lactation is adoptive breastfeeding. It is the process of inducing lactation by stimulating milk production.Ladies, this is now a chance to breastfeed an infant even though you never had a child. The purpose of induced lactation is to build a strong bond with adoptive mothers and their babies.Let me share with you some methods that can help on how to induce lactation quickly.Shall we?

But before that, discover the importance of lactation first (source). Do you know that conditioning of heart and mind will naturally stimulate lactation? Learning the facts will encourage you more on breastfeeding.

Here’s a quick reminder of how amazing mothers are!

  • Mother’s milk provides just the right amount of basic nutrients to babies
  • It’s a natural anti-allergen, and a shield to illness, and obesity.
  • Tummy friendly
  • Breastfed babies mean higher IQ’s

I am not exaggerating. All of it is true. Those are the reasons why moms can bear the experience of lactating and still call it rewarding.As expected, I faced challenges during my induced lactation. I bet, you have too. Discussing it might prepare you on how to induce lactation quickly.

Lack of prep time before accepting the baby

· Lack of prep time before accepting the baby.

It’s rare to know when the baby will come. Most of the time it is a surprise. There is no way to stimulate your milk supply beforehand to uncertainty. And when the baby is home, milk won’t come out overnight!

· Having trouble in finding time to stimulate milk supply

Busy life and a baby is perplexing. You need devotion, willpower and time to stimulate milk.

· Worrying about milk supply

Stressing out if you’ll have enough milk for the upcoming baby.

· Transition of baby to breast

Introducing the baby to the nipple needs patience and strategies.

· Pumping and tools problems

Learning the method of pumping, the pain and getting used to the routine can be pressure.

Various Methods on How to Induce Lactation Quickly

I tell you, there are many techniques applied to stimulate milk generation. But the following means are well proven to really work. Remember, you must be emotional, mental and physically ready for doing this.Focus. Let your maternal instincts out!

Natural Stimulation

Nipple stimulation and breast massage need to be applied regularly. Eight sessions for 20 minutes each is needed. If it is okay with you, having a partner will significantly help. Do this two months before the baby arrives.This method takes months to work out. Prepare some lubricant to prevent your nipples from cracking and feeling sore. But, we are tough. We can do this!

Here are the steps on how to do this:

  • With both hands, massage your entire breast gradually.
  • Stimulate your nipple and areola with the use of your fingers and thumb. Massage them softly and roll them gently amidst your fingers. Do the tickling!
  • Press down the areolas while pulling the nipples just like how an infant sucks the milk.
  • You will feel the milk filling in. While leaning over, lightly shake your breasts to make the milk come out.

Let the baby practice the ability to Suckle

Let the baby practice the ability to Suckle

The baby’s home and you don’t have the milk yet. Relax. Let the baby suckle your nipple. Promise, they’re very good at it. Babies even suck their fingers.Here is a hint for you. Conditioning your mind to make milk is the key to making the body work! The thought of the baby is the triggering point of the body to react.Forget about manual stimulation. This is the real thing! Let your baby latch on to your nipples. Babies have the instinct to latch and suck. That is more than enough to stimulate the generation of milk.What’s great is you can do this before the baby comes. Of course, you need a dedicated partner to make it successful. The suckling technique to induce lactation is effective and could build closeness between you and your partner.

The help of Herbal Supplements

The help of Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements are known to aid quick generation of breast milk. Ever popular, blessed thistle, fenugreek and mother’s milk tea are recommended to be effective. Yet, you should take this only when you already started pumping your milk.With these herbal supplements, a proper diet is encouraged for you. Food rich in iron and energy like oats is best. Most of all, drinking the eight glasses of water a day will keep you hydrated.So, a big NO to caffeinated drinks or medicines that are not given by professionals.Here’s how to do this:

  • Take three capsules of fenugreek and three capsules of blessed thistle thrice a day preferably after every meal.
  • Mother’s milk is an herbal tea that comprises a blend of different herbs. To make it tasty, you can add a little bit of sugar before drinking. Drink it thrice daily, before every meal.

Learn how to pump milk

Using a breast pump is just like a shortcut of the natural method. Just the same, condition your breasts before pumping. But first, choose the pump that is the right size for you. It won’t come out cheap, so try to buy the most reliable one.If you haven’t been pregnant, this might take a while or maybe more challenging for you. Don’t get discouraged, you’ll never know what your body is capable of doing!

Here’s how to do this:

  • Massage your breast gently. Do this before you pump and while you are pumping milk. Massaging will kindle your let-down reflex. If pumping will hurt you, stop and try later. If it still does, consult your doctor.
  • Pump every two hours during the day and every three hours at night. Let it kick in for the first few days. Increase the frequency when you notice milk is quickly generating.

Medication: Hormone Therapy

Welcome to the new generation! Prescribed medication may be an option for you, but I least recommend this. Other ways I have mentioned are reliable as long as you have enough interest and patience to do so.Taking in estrogen and progesterone to stimulate the state of pregnancy needs the help of experts. If you prefer this method, you will undergo tests. It’s good to be safe than never. Nevertheless, it looks like you’re just taking herbal supplements.

Don’t you think?

Now, no need to hesitate on breastfeeding. You don’t need to give birth to become a mother. Believe that the milk you produce is enough for your baby. Your ability to lactate is influenced by certain factors like:

  • Experience of breastfeeding before or exposure
  • Your good health condition
  • Parental motivation and the support of family and friends.
  • The consistency of practicing milk stimulation and the effectiveness of herbal supplements you have taken.

Ladies, I say that knowledge is power. Being able to realize what our body can do is awesome. Our body is unique in its own way. So, there is no telling what it can do, or can’t.When it comes to how to induce lactation quickly, it only takes a little inspiration, love, perseverance, patience and yes, COMMITMENT. Anything could be possible!I’m giving all of you who are devoted to doing this a big thumbs up!You can hit like and share to all who needs to know.

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