Is My Baby Too Hot? What a Mom Needs to Know

I understand that as a parent, we tend to worry about the health and safety of our babies. In some situations, I overdo on ways to protect them. The least I can do as a mom is to keep my child from the exposure of heat and cold.

Therefore, when the weather is chilly or when the sun is up, it doesn’t make a difference. I make sure my little one is reasonably wrapped up. But in doing so, is my baby too hot?

It’s a big confusion especially when baby is hot but not sick. Learning what to do and how to do it plays a big part.

Do you like to know how to do it right?

How do babies react to change of temperature?

It takes time to understand what’s going on with babies. It took me plenty of observation and practice before learning how to recognize when my baby is too hot. Her temperature for the first few months was unstable.

I discovered that on this phase, babies couldn’t regulate or adjust their temperature during unusual weather conditions. That’s why as parents, we need to be vigilant because they can be too hot at any time.


Your ability to detect signs that your baby is overheating could save her from a critical condition. When I learned that babies are vulnerable to extreme temperatures, I did my best to be able to spot indications that my child is getting too hot.

  • Dry, warm and red skin : This usually happens when the baby starts to heat up. Seeing this should serve as a WARNING. Keep in mind that it’s dangerous when she remains in this state.
  • Body temperature is 103 degrees and upKnow when your baby is sick or not. If you’re sure she’s not ill, then she’s too hot. A rectal thermometer is a most useful tool when checking a baby’s temperature.
  • checkNon-responsive to sounds or touchThis situation is an EMERGENCY. When waiting for a medical rescue, try doing “Sternal Rubto test consciousness. However, you can only use this method when you know how to do it correctly. Otherwise, you’ll inflict more damage.
  • checkSleeping all the time : When baby is too hot, they tend to get drowsy and sleep longer than the usual.
  • checkFaster heart rate than normal average : Normal heart rate for an infant is an average of 120 beats/minute and an average of 100 beats/minute for older babies. If more than these, it’s a sign that the child is too hot.
  • checkAbnormal Breathing : The average breathing rate for a baby is 27 breaths/minute. If you notice faster, short breathing, it’s a risky sign of heat stroke.
  • checkBaby is Fussy : When you notice that your baby seems in a confusion that she cries a lot, anxious, appears to be hungry but won’t feed and hates the usual cuddle, it may be a sign that the baby is too hot.
  • checkDehydrated : Be alert when your baby starts to vomit and cries but doesn’t have tears. She may also have a high temperature but do not sweat. If the baby is too hot, dehydration always comes next.

Faster heart rate than normal average

What to Do When My Baby is Too Hot?

How to know that my baby is too hot is vital. However, knowing what to do after finding out is equally crucial. When signs of overheating are visible, you need to cool down your baby instantly. I beg that moms should master these immediate responses for this situation.

Take out the clothes

  • Take out the clothesThe fact is, you may have overdressed your child in fear of overexposure to heat or cold. So, you need to take off the baby’s clothes and bring her to a more relaxed space. If can be avoided, do not SWADDLE your baby in this condition. 
  • Apply a Cool Sponge BathBringing your baby outdoors is healthy but be ready for situations like this. Give a cooling baby sponge bath right away. However, if you’re outdoors, a bottle of water is the simplest way to cool her down. Even using baby wipes are useful too. Fan the baby while doing so can help the cooling down quicker.
  • NEVER give your baby fever medicationOverheating does not need any fever medication. Do not give your baby medicine since it may cause harmful reactions. It would be wise not to feed her too especially when a child is unconscious. Stay put and wait for the rescue to arrive.
  • hand-o-rightGive plenty of FluidsREMEMBER: Hydrating is only applicable when your child is fully awake. It’s safe to give water to babies more than four months old. However, for those who are younger, feeding formulas or breastfeeding are safe.

It is a must that moms should know how to check their children’s temperature. For me, it’s a necessity. How else would I know when my baby is too hot? Here is a helpful video tutorial to aid you in doing it right.

What Are the Complications of My Baby Being Too Hot?

We may be confident that we have learned the symptoms of how to detect when our baby is too hot and felt relief that knowing what to do after could help. Sad to say, complications may arise after a child experience being too hot. And this reality must motivate you not to let it happen.

  • Heat stroke : Do you know that in a concise time, babies can suffer heat stroke? Be mindful not to leave your children in a hot place. Avoid rooms with inadequate ventilation, under direct exposure to sun and NEVER leave your babies inside the car.
  • checkBrain Damage : This may sound extreme; that’s why it’s scary. The truth is, a baby’s brain tissue is very vulnerable on hot temperatures. In a short span of time, brain damage can take place. So hurry on ways to cool off your child.
  • checkSIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) : I know you’re aware of this condition. I know you’re aware of this condition. Hence, make sure not wrap your baby during sleep. Some factors make it happen, but infants that were too hot because of ample clothing, poor ventilation or too much blanket are among them.

prevent my baby from getting too hot

How to prevent my baby from getting too hot?

Practicing ways to prevent scary situations like this is to take extra precautions as a parent. Here are several tips to avoid getting your baby too hot.

  • Put on clothes that are appropriate to the right temperature.
  • checkEnsure that your infant is well-hydrated.
  • checkRemember that sunscreen is only applicable to babies that are six months and above.
  • checkKeep the space well ventilated. Don’t fully cover a stroller, bassinet, car seats, or any carrier.
  • checkTake care of the heat rash.
  • checkGet rid of too much pillow, blanket or comforters.
  • checkWARNING: Make sure that the bed sheet does not cover your baby’s head.
  • checkBe well informed of the daily weather whether you’re indoors or planning to go outdoors.
  • checkProvide an adequate sleeping space for your baby.
  • checkIf you have any doubts about your baby’s condition, don’t hesitate to call the doctor.

Summer is usually the season when babies can experience great heat. Here is a detailed advice for mothers on what to do.


For now, you’ve probably understood why and how a baby gets to be too hot. It doesn’t matter though. As long as you are watchful to know the signs and ready on what to do, your baby will be safe. However, I still believe that making prevention a habit is an assurance that you will lessen critical situations.

Don’t even forget that you’re a mom. Non-stop worrying is just normal. Keep on loving. That’s where you get the strength to be always on the go!

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