My Newborn Farts a Lot! Is This a Scary Medical Warning?

I know it’s cute and funny when babies pass gas with that weird expression on the face. I just couldn’t get enough with it! But what does frequent farting says about an infant’s health?

When my newborn farts a lot, I knew there was something wrong especially when he cries along with it. I can’t help but worry about what’s behind the bad smell and the apparent pain that it brings.

Does your little one fart a lot too?

Why does My Newborn Fart a Lot?


First if all, it is not a sign of sickness when you notice your baby farts a lot and loud. Often, we assume that our gassy infants do not go well with what we feed them. There is no need to change baby formula right away. 

Well, in reality, they’re just passing out that gas that’s stuck inside the tummy. That is naturally healthy. In fact, infants can pass gas more than a dozen times daily. Newborns fart a lot because of the following reasons:

  • checkMother’s Diet – breastfeeding moms who eat food that encourages the production of gas can pass this to the baby through her milk.
  • checkSwallowing air during the feeding – Babies can easily swallow air bubbles especially with the use of feeding bottles. Common causes are incorrect feeding position or unsuitable feeding bottle and nipples.
  • checkUntimely introduction to solid food – since the digestive tract is still maturing, it’s having difficulty in digesting solid food. It takes a while to get used to enzymes too.
  • checkExtreme crying – there are plenty of reasons why a baby cries. However, when they cry, they take in more air that later on would be trapped in their tummy.
  • checkLactose Intolerant/Milk protein Allergy – this is rare but possible. Unless wholly diagnosed as such, no need to shift to appropriate milk formula.

Your little one is still delicate and may not quickly adapt to changes that are happening around him. As a parent, you might like to think of the possibility of other reasons that could be disturbing him. A little bit of observing is useful, particularly on behavioral changes.

When you notice that your once jolly baby becomes fussy and moody after farting, he needs attention. A very gassy baby at night is hard to soothe and ends up crying a lot. Before you both suffer from lack of sleep, find out if your baby is more gassy than usual.

Signs that Your Baby is Very Gassy


Below are indications that your infant is suffering from the excess gas inside the tummy. It is true that their digestive system is not yet fully developed. It’s still weak on coping up with gas trapped inside. Expect that as your little one grows, this annoying gas will no longer be a nuisance. 

  • checkBloated
  • checkCrying all the time
  • checkFussy and moody
  • checkIn pain- air bubbles trapped inside cause pressure
  • checkFarts and burps a lot
  • checkAbdomen is hard

If a newborn is too gassy, is this a scary medical warning?


No need to panic!

Even extreme baby farting is curable. The inability of the digestive tract to cope up with the gas that’s trapped inside causes pain and discomfort. But it does not mean your baby is sick. So, it’s never scary at all!

Your being calm can help your fussy baby relax. I recommend the following techniques:

  • checkSwaddling tight – can make babies feel warm and secure.
  • checkRocking – mimics the rhythm baby had inside mom’s tummy so it best in soothing them.
  • checkWhite noise machine – choose the sound that you think your baby’s favorite
  • checkBPA free pacifier – helps babies lull to sleep
  • checkBicycle Exercise and massage – a baby oil with the massage works well
  • checkLet him Burp – let those extra air out!
  • checkWarm bath

Know When to See the Doctor

As I’ve said, there is no need to worry. But that does not mean you’ll stop keeping an eye on your little one. Here are some indications of another medical issue. If you notice that your baby have them, it’s time to bring him to the pediatrician.

  • checkExtreme Farting with fever
  • checkAbnormal frequency of urination
  • checkDid not poop in two days or more
  • checkThere is a sign of blood in the poop
  • checkContinuous vomiting
  • checkDoes not calm down 

These symptoms can be a sign of infection and related digestive complications. Don’t take risks and prioritize medical attention.


Eventually, as your baby matures, gassiness will fade away from the picture. Until then, focus on your baby’s behavior in connection with his digesting. All we can ever do is to keep them away from what makes them sick.

Babies grow so fast. In a blink of an eye, they’re grownups. Make the most of the time being with them. And when my newborn farts a lot, I just need to give him all I’ve got!


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