7 Tips to Keep Baby Skin Healthy: Worry No More!

I know how irresistible a baby’s skin can be. The soft, and delicate skin smells so good as well that I cannot help but torture the little one into an agony of endless kisses. However, when I see some spots, rashes, and bumps, I start to panic. It is a comfort when the doctor assures that it is what I should expect!

Realizing that amidst the perfection that my baby is to me, her sensitive skin is far from that. With all the skin conditions that I need to watch out for, cradle cap and diaper rash are the most common of them. Let me share with you some helpful tips to prevent her skin irritations especially for her first months.

1. Diaper rashes

Let me mention this condition first since I believe that majority of the newborns nowadays wear diapers. I admit that as a mother, I have always relied on the convenience of diapers when taking care of my babies. Do you know that I made it a point to have a diaper subscription just to ensure that I will not run out of supply? Diapers are the second item in my priority list next to infant formula.

Although diaper rashes are usually harmless and will just heal, later on, I cannot bear the sleepless nights when my baby is touchy because of the discomfort it gives. There are three reasons why your newborn ends up with a diaper rash.

Tip #1

Tight diapers: Make sure that you buy the right size for your baby. The correct size should give enough room for the air to circulate, keeping the skin dry.


You do not change your baby’s diapers frequently. Once the diapers are wet, make sure not to leave it far too long before changing. If possible, replace it immediately.

Tip# 3

Diaper brands: Per my experience, there are certain diaper products that my baby’s skin cannot tolerate. So, I tried to let her use several brands until I found out the best diaper brand that is suitable for her. You may want to do the same.

2. Pimples and Whiteheads

Are you familiar with baby acne? It is not the same as the acne we had during our teenage years because of too much oil in our skin, but it is more related to yeast. Hence, when you see white spots and pimples usually on the baby’s nose and cheeks, do not fret. It will eventually clear up in a few weeks. 

Tip# 4

There is no need for treatment for such conditions; therefore, unless prescribed by the doctor, DO NOT try to apply medication or lotion on it. Some products are too strong for your baby’s skin.

3. Birthmarks


Are you worried of this weird marks that you think made your baby’s flawless skin imperfect? I tell you, my little girl got a super dark mark that looks like a treasure map. The first time I saw it, I was speechless! However, lots of babies across the globe have these harmless marks, and that is such a relief.

Birthmarks, or skin discolorations if I describe it, may appear later after birth and it has nothing to do about the genes. It is utterly not a health threat and does not need treatment.

Tip# 5

DO NOT make an attempt to take it out. If you are really troubled by it, ask help from a physician.

4. Eczema

Now, this skin condition makes me worry. The doctor says it has something to do with the family history of allergies, atopic dermatitis, and even asthma. The itchy, red rash appears along with this genetic illness. Notice that the irritation will appear first on her face like a weepy rash before it becomes thick, dry, and scaly, spreading to other parts of the body.


Observe the conditions that trigger the breakout. Once identified, do some research and learn how to prevent it. I advise asking help from medical professionals. You can take care of your baby that is suffering from this discomfort by:

  • Using the best baby soap and detergent that is gentle and perfume-free.
  • Apply moisturizers in moderation.
  • Be consistent in giving the prescribed medicine for treatment.

5. Dry Skin

Peeling skin is natural for a newborn baby. This happens especially when you gave birth a bit late from the expected due date. No need to worry. The skin underneath the peeling layer is entirely healthy, soft, and moist.


Do not attempt to rub the peeling skin vigorously to clear it out. Doing so will be painful for your newborn and may irritate the skin. Likewise, do not try peeling it manually by force and end up harming your baby. If you cannot bear the sight, make sure to ask help from any pediatrician.


There are plenty of skin conditions that you may think a huge threat to your baby’s perfect skin. However, most of these are harmless and usually clear up months after birth. Just remember always to consider asking help from the doctor if you are uncertain on what you plan to do.

Babies naturally have lustrous and soft skin. They smell heavenly good too! They do not need perfumes, lotions, and other skin treatment. A quick bath and a shower of kisses will do!

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