Safe Ways on How to Get Boogers out of Newborn’s Nose

I can’t remember how many times I’ve done this before. Dealing with our baby’s nasal care is a sensitive circumstance. As a new mom, you may hesitate at first try; but later on, doing so comes naturally.

There are many reasons why babies are prone to a stuffy nose. It could be the baby’s narrow nasal opening or newborns only breathe through their nose for the first two months. Dealing with such nasal discomfort is sometimes tricky.

When infants start to be fussy because of the trouble of breathing, moms are ready for the rescue. How to get boogers out of newborn?

Let me guide you through a short tutorial.


Safe Ways to Get Boogers Out of Newborn 

Do you know that when you don’t take care of an infant’s stuffy nose immediately, it may lead to other medical complications? It’s clear that we need to make sure that our baby’s nose should be kept clean for natural breathing, stress-free breastfeeding, peaceful sleep, and ease.

Most importantly, a clean nasal opening can prevent probable infection. It’s quite perplexing to do the cleaning especially when babies are already in a bad mood.

It’s a relief to see that your newborn sneeze a lot when the nose is stuffy. It helps getting rid of the mucus that blocks the nasal passage. That natural method is helpful. However, some other options are available for you to try.

Let’s see which of these techniques you’ll find simple to apply on getting boogers out of newborn.

Saline Nasal Drops

You can buy Saline droplets or spray over the counter. I guess every mom has this ready at home. In fact, you can even make the solution yourself. These drops soften the mucus inside the nasal cavity of your newborn which causes the urge to sneeze.

Why is sneezing well for your baby? It pushes the mucus out. Some of it remains at the nostrils. Since it’s already in the opening area, we can clean the nose quickly.

However, don’t apply more than three drops during the cleaning. It will cause dryness and will create more sensitivity to the nostrils. In this case, it will be hard to get boogers out of newborn since it’s painful.

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