Similac Total Comfort VS Similac Sensitive

It’s natural to take time finding the right formula for your newborn. I guess every parent undergo the same difficulty when a new baby comes. Dealing with feeding issues with your little one is quite common.

Do you know that Similac is the first baby formula brand that doesn’t contain artificial growth hormone? For Similac Total Comfort VS. Similac Sensitive, do you think one of these will be the solution to your problem?

Similac Total Comfort: The best baby formula for baby feeding discomfort

It’s smart to search ahead and learn about the baby formula available nowadays when you are expecting a new baby to be born. It helps significantly if a parent is prepared. Similac Total Comfort is a baby formula best for infants from birth to 12 months of age. Similac Total Comfort has a milder taste than other formulas, so it’s easy for you to convince your growing baby to drink it. 

Aside from providing complete nourishment, Similac Total Comfort is mild on newborn tummies. It contains partially broken down protein, to prevent discomforts from protein that are difficult to break down. With this, the complex milk proteins are processed and broken down into smaller, simpler molecules to make them easier to digest.

It’s a perfect choice for sensitive tummies and infants that find it hard to tolerating other milk-based formulas. Besides, it also contains prebiotics for softer stools. Therefore, if you’re contemplating for a formula for your upcoming baby or for your newborn, Similac Total Comfort is a perfect choice.

For the first year, it’s common for your baby to experience discomfort because of some feeding problems. Hence, you need to pick the right formula that can relieve from such condition. Similac Total Comfort also has OptiGro, an exclusive blend of brain and eye nourishing nutrients for your newborn’s development.

OptiGro contains ingredients similar to a mother’s milk which are DHA, lutein, and vitamin E that supports developing cells. Not all formulas are perfect for your baby. In fact, your baby’s reaction to any formula product may not as favorable as the others.

However, if you know that your baby is suffering from discomfort because of feeding, Similac Total Confort could be your best shot. Similac is a worldwide trusted brand, something that any parent will find an advantage. Nevertheless, I would like to emphasize in prohibiting this formula to newborns with galactosemia.

Similac Sensitive Infant Formula: The best baby formula for sensitive tummies

Similac Sensitive Infant Formula

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It’s true that some babies are fussy and it usually is associated with gas and spit-ups. Looking for the infant formula to address the situation is often a solution.  

Similac Sensitive Infant formula, on the other hand, is an easy-to-digest milk-based formula that is a design for sensitive tummies. The replacement of regular milk with milk protein isolate is to help ease digestion. Protein Isolate is a simple form of protein after eliminating fat and lactose from its components.

The formula supports your baby’s complete nutritional need and a specific relief for fussiness and gas because of lactose intolerance. It also features OptiGro, the exclusive blend of brain and eye nutrients for full development. It consists of DHA, lutein, and vitamin E in aiding your infant’s overall growth and immune system development.

Although you would notice that the milk could have many bubbles, the fact never is a hindrance in making the baby feel better. It’s an excellent substitute to standard milk-based formula. Similac Sensitive is indeed a strong start for your baby’s developing digestive system.

Similac Sensitive only contains 2% of lactose than other baby formulas. Therefore, this is great for babies who are sensitive to lactose. However, take note that this milk is not suitable for newborns with galactosemia, congenital lactase deficiency, or confirmed cow’s milk protein allergy.

A note to remember

Remember that Similac Total Comfort and Similac Sensitive are not suitable for infants with galactosemia. When you have galactosemia or some of your family members, there is a high chance that your baby has it as well. You might want to ask help from your pediatrician for help.

Galactosemia is a genetic condition that causes difficulty to metabolize the galactose sugar. Aside from these formulas, you can find galactose sugar in dairy products, sugar beets, avocados, and gums.

OptiGro Features

Similac Total Comfort and Similac Sensitive both contain OptiGro to support your child’s development. Below are the features that OptiGro offers:

  • DHA and Lutein for brain and eye development
  • Vitamin E to support developing cells and calcium for strong bones
  • Partially hydrolyzed protein for easy digestion and nucleotides for the immune system
  • A unique blend of two carbohydrates for maximum absorption and minimize malabsorption risks and prebiotics for digestive health
  • Gluten-free

Comparison: Similac Comfort VS Similac Sensitive

Similac Comfort and Similac Sensitive both are infant formulas that are designed as a relief for babies who have sensitive tummies. Both also feature OptiGro to support the baby’s development. Hence, what is the difference between the two?

Similac Total Comfort

Similac Sensitive

  • It’s a relief for babies who have discomfort because of feeding issues.

  • Help babies fully digest regular milk proteins by providing partially broken-down proteins.

  • It’s a relief for babies who are fussy because of gas pains.

  • Designed for mild milk protein and lactose sensitivity.


Similac Comfort VS Similac Sensitive, what is your pick? The truth is, both milk formula is designed to address an infant’s sensitive tummy. You need to know the nature of your baby’s feeding issue. If the cause of your child’s feeding discomfort is the inability to digest protein properly, then your choice could be Similac Comfort.

Is your baby feeling suffering from gas? Of course, you have to check out Similac Sensitive. The milk protein is mild enough for the little tummy to digest.

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