Baby Clothes Guide: What are the Right Clothes for Every Season?

I know that as a mom, we tend to be careful not overdress our babies no matter what the season is. Overdressing your baby during summer is as dangerous as letting her go out without a proper coat during winter. Therefore, plan properly when buying baby clothes.

Letting your toddler wear a thick jacket when it is steaming hot could trigger heat stroke and dehydration. Likewise, when you let your child play in the snow without the proper footwear can result in frostbites. Hence, basing on seasons of experience, I am sharing with you a quick baby clothes guide to help you pick the right clothes for your little one no matter what the weather will be. I hope you would take these tips seriously for the safety of your baby.

Baby Clothes for Winter

The cold during winter could be harsh. It is even deadlier than sunburn when exposure without the proper outfit takes long. Frostbites can cause nerve damage and numbness of the skin. Check out the following tips that will prevent your baby from getting sick.

  • Let your baby wear layers of clothing. During winter, I usually wear three-layer clothes to keep warm. Let this be your guide. If you feel warm with three layers, let your baby wear four layers of clothes. It should always be an additional layer for the little ones.

    Start with a thin cotton clothing at first, and then top it up with a thick layer to trap the heat inside. A snowsuit, for example, is ideal when going outdoors. However, be vigilant not to overdress your child. Overheating does not happen only in summer but could occur during the cold season as well.

  • Cover for protection: Do not forget the little things. They are as essential as the suit itself. Mittens or winter gloves, socks, shoes, and hats are equally crucial for your baby’s protection. Make sure that you completely cover her from head to toe.

    Thick knee socks or leggings are convenient to protect your baby’s feet from cold. A pair of shoes or boots out of thick material is important to withstand the freezing air as well. Wearing thick layers of clothes during the winter could be troublesome, but it sure is worth it if you want to enjoy the days.Here is a video clip that can give you tips on what clothes to choose for your child when it is cold:

Baby Clothes for Summer

Overheating is not just an issue common during winter. It could happen during the summer days too. Check if your baby is not too hot to ensure that she is comfortable. Unlike you, little ones cannot regulate their body temperature yet.

  • It is best to prepare short sleeves and shorts for your baby during the summer. It is preferable to be out of thin fabric for cooler feeling. Cotton is an ideal cloth for outdoor baby clothes during the warm season. Select the clothes and footwear that are breathable too. 

    I recommend the type of clothes that are not body fit. The looser the clothes are, the cooler it will be. Your baby could breathe and move at ease. Besides, tight clothes can irritate your child’s skin and can result in rashes.

    I suggest picking the most comfortable sandals for your child, as well. The open-toed type is ideal for letting the feet breathe.

  • The summer hat for your child can protect her from the harmful sun rays that could damage her skin. If your baby were old enough to be able to wear sunglasses, it would be better to protect her eyes too. You may let go of other accessories if it hinders your baby’s comfort. Headbands and bows are good examples of this.

    Socks for the summer can be optional. Your baby is limited when it comes to sweating, and the feet is one area that they sweat a lot. If I cannot find a very thin sock, it is better to go without socks to maintain proper airflow.

    Here is a short video giving ideas on how to dress your baby during the summer.

More tips to keep your baby comfortable and protected whatever the season is:

  • If you think your baby is hot, take off some layers of her clothing. Keep your little one away from the sun. An umbrella is a great idea to shade her from harm. Baby hats are not enough.
  • Select high-quality fabrics.If your baby loves swaddling, you may want to forget about the nappies and choose a light fabric to wrap her up.
  • Remember to remove the heavy and bulky coats when you are in the car. The temperature inside is no longer as cold as outside. Taking it off will prevent your baby from getting too hot.
  • During cold days, a blanket is a big help to cover the stroller from the chill.


It is vital that as a parent, you should be able to identify if your baby is cold or hot. Learning the proper way to dress her up is also an assurance that you are interested in her safety. Remember not to dress up too much or less. Either way could bring harm to your child.

I do not buy as many clothes as needed for my baby too. These little bundles grow up too quickly. If you are not meticulous with this, one day, you will discover that you have a truckload of clothes to give away. Hence, shop sensibly. Be practical.

Focus on the right clothes to wear for whatever season and purchase those that are durable enough to last.

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