Five Practical Exercises for a Busy Mom

When I say practical, that means “useful and doesn’t cost a dime” for me. I need exercise, but I’m busy, so I’ve got no time to hit the gym and honestly, got no budget to pay for a gym membership fee. However, that’s never an excuse to keep me from working out. After giving birth, I desperately need to shape up.

Try these practical exercises for a busy mom. Doing these can make you lose calories without even realizing you did. Interested?

5 Practical Exercises for a Busy Mom

As much as possible, I squeeze in my exercise in between my daily routines at home. I am a full- time mom, and surprisingly (not sad), I found myself even more tied up than me being in the office. Hence, a little bit of imagination and creativity makes my day alive and fun. I tell you, it beats the boredom and gives you more energy and enthusiasm to tackle your fussy little one.


At first, I was reluctant to do biking because going outdoors means spending a long time outside. However, I need to teach my daughter how to ride a bike, so I didn’t really have a choice. It wasn’t bad after all. It turned out that, riding a bike with your kids is super fun and relaxing after such a busy day.

Now, I included biking as part of my daily exercises. Not only on times that I need to ride with the kids, but also when I need to go out to our neighborhood to do some errands. Some bikes that suit well for your kind of rides. Choose a bike that is neither heavy nor big for you.


Do you know that merely walking around at home is already hiking for you? The more household tasks that need you to stretch and walk, the more it’s good for you. Extend the experience a little more and think of other possible ways to hike more without spending time outside your normal schedule.

I used to ride a bus in fetching my daughter from kindergarten just a few blocks from our house. Now, we walk home, stopping by some groceries along the way. At night, I bring my dog out for a walk. Aside from that, shopping is another form of hiking that doesn’t feel like exercising, agree?


I love dancing. It’s the only passion that I can’t afford to forget. I dance when I’m doing chores at home. I do it mostly when I’m cleaning the floor. Once the kids are out, I hit the music loud, and be myself.

Half an hour of favorite music, jumping and sliding around, is a fun way to sweat out, and an effortless method of making the floor shine. Try it!

Leg Lifts

If I’m told to do some leg lifts in the gym, I will take it as hard and boring exercise. However, if I do the same leg lifts when climbing the stairs up and down, I can’t complain. Especially when I have bags of trash on both hands.

It was a struggle for me at first since the elevator is just across the hallway. But I beat my laziness, and now it’s just like a routine. If possible, I avoid the elevator, and the kids love it as well. After the leg cramps are gone, the 4th floor doesn’t feel that tiring anymore.


Running is a weekend exercise for me. The time when neighboring kids spend time in the playground along with their moms. It’s a weekly activity in our place, where moms and kids catch up and play. Moms call it “sports day,” but for the kids, it’s just everyday playing.

As moms, we prepare games for the kids, and some for us to enjoy as well. Last week, I learned how to play baseball, and next time, we plan to do badminton. At least I got to enjoy sports while bonding with the kids.


My practical methods are just me trying to “hit two birds in one stone.” If I see a chance to spend all my hours to be productive, I grab it. As a mom, I know you’ll get it and understand. Seems to be that we got all we want but time.

I have shared with you my kind of exercise. I know you have your own routine too. In time, I will find more and more chances, as the kids grow older. Nevertheless, for now, it’s the best way that works for me.

Try to incorporate simple exercises in your daily routine. It really makes a big difference!

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