How to Stop Brown Hair Color from Turning Red for a Longer Glorious Look?

It feels exquisite to see my hair transform from the natural color to a new one. I learned to dye my hair to cover the showing silver strands at this prime age. Since then, I manage to enhance the natural color of my crown of glory to achieve a fresh new style. The lovely look makes me hope that the hair dye will stay that way.

How to stop brown hair color from turning red? If there is anything prevalent in dyeing my mane, it is the annoying possibility of fading color or transforming to another hue. However, brown is always my choice, considering I have become a bit of an expert in this art even only at home. The brown color is easy to maintain.

Pick the right kind of hair products.

Know the product suitable for your hair. Shampoos, for example, offers a different formula for the different kinds of hair types. For your dyed hair, it needs the hair care product that is mild enough to protect your color-treated locks. I trust Bed Head Colour Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner when it comes to taking care of my mane.

My hair washing routine starts with a tender massage of shampoo into my wet hair. I love this ritual in cleansing my hair that it takes me a long while in doing so before deciding to rinse and apply conditioner. However, I also use a hydrating oil hair mask alternatively with my conditioner every week for additional protection.

Be aware of hair products that have harmful ingredients for your hair. Those unreasonably low-priced items may strip the color of your locks and cause the reddish undertones to appear. The right hair product may be a little costly, but your hair is worth every bit of it.

Do not wash your hair daily.

Unless you need it badly, refrain from washing your hair daily. The ideal frequency is twice a week or every other day. It helps to retain the color of your hair longer.

Use soft water if possible

Some residential areas have hard water for household consumption. If yours is one of them, it may be the cause of your brown hair color turning red. You may find mineral deposits settling on your hair and scalp. Hard water has a high level of magnesium, calcium, copper, lead, and iron that is a disaster to your color-treated locks.

I recommend installing filters in your water system at home. It is one way of stopping your brown hair color from turning red.

The brown color is easy to maintain, so here are seven simple ways to keep the color of your brown tresses amazing all the time!

Avoid sun exposure.

It is fun under the sun. However, find ways to protect your hair from the heat and harmful UV rays. Keep in mind that it can breakdown dye molecules, and your mane will be in chaos. Eventually, after prolonged exposure, the brown color will fade.

Wear a hat or a scarf on your head. Do not forget to use an umbrella when you go out. Besides, there are hair sunscreen products available that help in protecting your tresses.

Limit the use of hair heat to​​​​ols.

Sun is not the only foe of your beautiful brown hair. When the sun strikes its destructive rays, hair straighteners, blow dryers, curling irons, and other tools that generate heat to keep your hair in style are equally damaging as well. We may transform fabulously after a session of any of that fashion trend, but the method affects the quality of your hair and creates a significant effect on the color.

Nevertheless, certain products could protect your hair from heat or serve as an alternative to heating methods such as hair straightening sprays. I use them on special occasions when the girly me have the urge to appear spectacular. 

Why exactly does my brown hair turn to red?

I guess you need to know why this happens as well. Maybe you can get some points to ponder that can help on how to stop brown hair color from turning red. Watch this video and understand how it works!


Technology that focuses on beauty indeed has gone a long, long way. Who knew that you could change your hair color like it is the natural look? You can even change your curly locks into shiny straight or wild waves. However, it is not always perfect and it has its little flaws. 

So, when you asked how to stop your brown hair color from turning red, the situation is a perfect example of such. I already gave you some tips on how to help you avoid it. Keep it in mind and let it shine! Share these secrets to your friends who love trying to look different.

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