The Mom Short Haircuts That Are Easy To Maintain

Pregnancy and childbirth change your life forever! Although during times of pregnancy your body changes, nevertheless, you can afford to have beautiful long locks as well as you have enough time to take care of them.

But after giving birth you realize that your baby needs your attention and care all the time and this means that you barely have some time for yourself. Moreover, from four to six months postpartum, mommies often start experiencing shedding and it’s really irritating! That’s why most new moms decide to cut off their charming long hair for a mom haircut, and rightly so.

Don’t be afraid of this word combination! Remember, the mom short haircut doesn’t mean something that looks awful and a bit old-fashioned. The mom short haircuts are the best styles for busy mommies that allow them to look and feel great, even as they can spend only five minutes in the morning to get their hair done.

In this article, we’d like to show you the most awesome mom short hairstyles with bangs that you’ll definitely want to copy. We’ll also tell you about easy ways to style short hair in five minutes. So, check out our easy-to-manage short hairstyle ideas for busy mommies and choose the best one to refresh your look.

Amazing Short Haircuts with Bangs for Moms

Before cutting off your hair, you have to figure out your perfect hairstyle and don’t forget to think about the bangs. Just think about what bangs you want to wear and what bangs style suits your face shape best?

But you may want to ask why you need to pick out the haircut with bangs and it is really so important? Well, in that case, our answer is a definite YES! Bangs are crucial for any mom short haircut.

Here are 3 main reasons why you need to wear bangs if you’re going to get your long hair cut:

  • Bangs offer you a wide range of styling options (wispy, parted, side-swept, asymmetrical, blunt, arched, dyed and so on).
  • Wearing bangs with short haircuts is one of the easiest ways to look chic and trendy, spending minimum time on styling.
  • Bangs make you look much younger.

Now is the time to look at some of the best low-maintenance short hairstyles with bangs that can make your life so much easier and you look so much pretty.  

Choppy Layered Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Choppy Layered Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

If you’ve got thick hair, this short bob hairstyle is a great option that will stay in place throughout your busy day. Choppy, layered and a bit messy, it helps you get ready in a matter of seconds because all you need to do is run your fingers through your hair in order to brush it and sweep your flirty bangs to the side.

Cute Pixie with Shaved Sides and Mini-Bangs

Cute Pixie with Shaved Sides and Mini-Bangs

Are you sure that you’re ready to change your hairstyle dramatically? Well, if you’re really ready, focus on such a bold hairstyle idea for short hair. A pixie style is actually easy-care one and it always looks modern and stylish, especially if you add shaved sides and lovely mini-bangs to this haircut. You should definitely try it!

Textured Undercut with Elongated Side Bangs

Another option of pixie hairstyle is this charming textured undercut. It isn’t so edgy short, but it seems so romantic and sweet. You can be sure you won’t have any problems with this short haircut. Just wash your hair and dry it out, then brush it and style your elongated bangs to the side. And that’s all. Now you’re ready to plunge into your daily routine!

Sleek Pixie with Little Ragged Bangs

Sleek Pixie with Little Ragged Bangs

A sleek pixie haircut is a nice idea for fine straight hair that can really help you save your styling time! Just what a new mom needs to look fantastic and not to spend hours near the mirror! Besides, you can spice up this hairstyle by wearing short, ragged bangs that visually create more volume in the front.

Short Messy Hair with Bangs

Short Messy Hair with Bangs

By selecting a messy hairstyle for your short hair, be sure you’ve made the right choice. A messy bob haircut is a cool and easy-to-maintain way to style your hair. By the way, it can help you create a trendy fashion look within a couple of minutes in the morning without distracting from your baby. And messy side-swept curtain bangs complete this style perfectly and add some playfulness to it.

Easy Ways to Style Short Hair

If you’ve already cut off your locks, don’t be afraid that now you have limited options on how to style it. When it comes to styling short hair, there are some easy ways that can help you look differently and fascinating every day.

  • Braided Side: You can always braid your elongated bangs or side stresses and pin them to the side. It’s a very convenient way to vary your look and get the hair out of your face.
  • Short Hair Scarf: A rather trendy way that helps you feel comfortable and look stunning.
  • Waves: If you have straight hair, you can make waves and pin them back. In such a way, you diversify your look and add some extra volume to your hairstyle.
  • Straight and smooth tresses: If you’ve got wavy or curly hair, you can strengthen it and get an absolutely new cut. Don’t forget that the elegant, smooth and straight style never goes out of fashion.

So, dear moms, don’t worry if you haven’t enough time to style your hair. Cut it off to feel free and relax. Just choose the right mom short haircut that can highlight your facial features and enjoy your motherhood.

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