Questions To Consider When Choosing A Syracuse NY Cosmetic Dentist

Getting a smile makeover will always be an excellent idea ifyou’re already unhappy with how your teeth look after seeing yourself in themirror. However, most people in Syracuse, NY, experience anxiety with thethought of visiting a dentist. Well, it’s pretty normal, and taking backcontrol is your best way to overcome doubts. What taking back control means isthat you have to gather as much information as you can about a prospective cosmeticdentist and the specific procedure or package of procedures you have toundertake.

Whether you want to get that celebrity smile or have crooked or stained teeth, cosmetic dentistry is perfect for you. However, you have to be choosy and make sure that you’re only going to let an expert touch your teeth. You can check the websites of reliable dental clinics in Syracuse, NY, like, explore their offerings and services, and see if you can find one that fits your needs perfectly.

Selecting the right dentist is a must if you ever decide toundergo cosmetic dentistry. Not all dentists are equal or at par in terms ofknowledge and skills. That said, you have to choose one carefully. If you’renot sure how to go about it, check out the five questions to consider whenselecting a Syracuse, NY, cosmetic dentist below.

How Long Have You Been Practicing Cosmetic Dentistry?

It’s a no-brainer–you want the dentist who’ll perform cosmeticdentistry on you to have ample experience. That said, the first question youhave to ask is how long they have been practicing their profession. Part of thequestion should be where they have obtained their degree. Also, include whetherthey also offer services other than cosmetic dentistry. It’s also essential toask about crucial pieces of training they have attended to make sure that theyknow the newest procedures and technology.

You can also ask for documentation of their previous work,and even better if you can get references. All of these things will help youassess the standard that your prospective dentist upholds, as well as thequality of work you can expect from them.

Which Cosmetic Procedure Do You Specialize In?

Which Cosmetic Procedure Do You Specialize In

It’s normal for cosmetic dentists to offer several cosmeticprocedures to clients, and you’ll usually see a rundown of these things ontheir websites. While it’s a good thing that your prospective dentist iscapable of doing a lot of things, it’s still essential to know which procedure/proceduresthey do specialize in as a practitioner.

Before committing to a clinic that promises togive you or your kids a perfect smile, you have to know thepossible procedures you can expect from them. It’s also a way to save time andmoney. Since the prospective dentist can guarantee that they have what it takesto perform the procedures listed on their website safely and successfully, youwon’t have to hop over another clinic if you need more than one treatment.

What Procedure Do I Need?

Chances are you’ve already done your research beforevisiting a clinic in Syracuse, NY. That said, you already know what you need.Despite already having the idea, it’s still best to ask your prospectivedentist for their recommendation. Once they have already laid out the optionsfor you, don’t be afraid to request them to explain why those procedures suityou. There’s nothing wrong about asking for an explanation. You only got oneset of teeth, so it’s best to be sure about everything before letting anyonetouch it.

Would I Need Follow-Up Procedures?

As already mentioned above, it sometimes takes a cosmeticdentistry package to correct your problem. That said, you have to ask yourprospective dentist about possible extras or follow-ups aside from the firstprocedure you need. Having vast experience in the field, a dentist should knowif you’ll be okay with a single treatment or you need a series of it.

It’s essential to note, though, that some dentists will tellyou to wait for a few days or weeks as they first have to observe your teethafter the primary procedure before deciding on another one. As long as they’regoing to provide an adequate explanation for every suggestion they make, thenyou’re in good hands.

Asking whether you need a follow-up procedure or not willlet you know about your options and help you decide on what will be the bestcourse of action to take moving forward. It’s also a way to achieve betterresults, given that you’re going to work with a reliable dentist in Syracuse,NY. 

How Do You Deal With Complications?

A complication may arise after a cosmetic procedure, so it’sessential to know if your prospective dentist will deal with it for free ornot, or if they will deal with it at all. As you know, it’s always expensive toundergo a cosmetic procedure. That said, you have to make sure that whatevercomplication that may result from the initial treatment gets covered by thelarge amount you will be shelling out from the start.


Cosmetic dentistry lasts long, becomeseffective, and is safe when carried out appropriately. That said, it’sessential not to let anyone who lacks the necessary skills and knowledge toperform a specific dental technique on you. The questionsdiscussed above should help choose the right Syracuse, NY, cosmetic dentist foryour needs.

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