Top 5 Women’s Grooming and Getting Ready Pre-Date Tips

When you’re a teenager, you don’t have a care in the world about what you put on your face (or do not put on your face), but after a certain age, you suddenly realize your face doesn’t have that glow it used to anymore.

For women, preparing themselves for the date is more important than the actual date. We put too much pressure on ourselves, and we shouldn’t. Making a good first impression, smelling nice, and making sure that lettuce is not stuck between your teeth is all nerve-wracking.

Going on dates should be about having fun with the person and making sure you’re having a good time. That being said, it’s still important to be at your best, and you can do that by following these five grooming and getting ready tips!

Take Care of Your Face

People can make many assumptions by looking at your face. A healthy face will reflect physical and mental healthiness. Hence, it’s important you take proper care of your face.

Clean your face at least twice a day to avoid having pimples and rashes. Use cleansers and toners, and exfoliate at least twice a week (for those who have an extra oily face).

Eye creams get the job done, but the best remedy for keeping dark circles at bay is by maintaining a proper sleep cycle.

A proper sleep cycle also helps with wrinkles. However, the most important tip in keeping your face clean and clear is by making sure you take your makeup off before you head to bed.

Use a moisturizer that suits your skin type and head to bed in peace. No matter how tired you are, take your makeup off. The makeup can sink into your pores and irritate you, so this is super important.

Work the Eyebrows, or Don’t!

Many people claim that eyebrows enhance a woman’s features. And it is true; they do help frame your eyes. Not only that, but they also help you communicate without even ever having to speak.

Suppose you’re super busy or your mood is just the worst. Your eyebrows give that away. People automatically get the hint that you’re not someone to be messed with or that you’re too busy.

You can choose to groom your eyebrows to match the shape of your face. That means you have to go to a professional to help you out with that. However, that also means you have to keep maintaining them whenever they grow out.

Or you don’t have to. A lot of people opt for the natural look these days and trim the extra bit to help give their eyebrows a more definite shape.

Grooming Your Hands and Feet

The power of well-groomed hands and feet can make a great first impression on your date. Keeping your nails neatly shaped and cut cleanly will also make you feel better.

Keeping them moisturized is key; it makes your skin soft and keeps your nails in good condition. The same goes for your feet as well, keeping those nails clean and cut. A good manicure and pedicure once every two to three weeks is mandatory if you want to keep your hands and feet well-groomed.

You can even buy cleansing masks for your hands and feet these days! It just goes to show there’s no end to self-care. Go the extra mile and keep yourself well-groomed. It really does help with boosting your confidence.

Getting Dolled Up

These days, there are plenty of bloggers on the internet who post videos of them doing some seriously gorgeous makeup tutorials.

They make it look so easy! In addition, this is a trend as well. Makeup, like eyebrows, also enhances the features of your face. You can use makeup to make yourself look all-natural, and you can also use it to look like the fierce tigress that you are deep down inside.

It’s all up to you. However, it depends on the date and where this date is taking place. If it’s at a club, you can glow up, have fun, and have not a care in the world.

But if it’s at a nice restaurant or a fun date night, you can choose to do some lighter makeup. A soft, glowy, and natural look with some nude shades and soft lipstick can really bring out your beauty.

Intoxicating Scents

It’s no secret that you need to keep yourself clean and smelling fresh. A good body wash along with some deodorant does get the job done, but you need to go the extra mile if you want to make a good first impression when it comes to a date.

In such cases, Faveable suggests using a perfume. You can choose to wear a sweet, floral smelling perfume for a daytime date, or choose a sexy, intoxicating smelling perfume for a special date night.  

The person understands that you take care of your hygiene and that you are conscious of it as well. You can lock in your desired scent by putting on some unscented lotion or vaseline before applying the perfume on your highlighted points.

This will make you smell good for longer periods of time and your partner won’t be able to forget your smell for a long, long time.


When it comes to going on a date, a lot of things are out of your hands. There could be loud music and you two can barely hear yourself talk, or your date showing up late, etc.

Don’t fret about the things that are not in your control. Focus on what’s at hand and what you can do to change a bad date into a good one by using some of our tips.

If you’re feeling extra nervous, have a drink with your BFFs over a video call and ease some of the tension. Play some music while you get ready to get yourself into the groove, and you’ll automatically start to feel confident.

Just be yourself, and be genuine, and the rest will work out just fine!

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