Benefits of Using a Home DNA Testing Kit for Moms and Newborns

Being a mom is exciting, and you no doubt, want to ensure that your child is born healthy and strong. Many mothers today run DNA tests before and/or after getting pregnant to help identify possible health vulnerabilities. Home DNA testing kits make this procedure simple and fun. They are not 100% accurate, but they provide a host of helpful information and even offer you some glimpse into your ancestry. As they are easy to use and completely harmless, you can also have your newborn baby’s DNA tested along with yours.


What can you learn when using Home DNA Testing Kits?

The first important thing you need to understand is that you cannot use home DNA testing kits to screen you for genetic disorders. Those severe health conditions are usually untreatable. You can diagnose it by specialized testing in a professional medical lab. The DNA tests that you might use for that diagnosis are not the only kind of test that needs to go through to prove definitely that you suffer from one of those conditions.

What home DNA testing kits can offer is a much broader outlook on your general health and predispositions to certain conditions, like some cancers or heart disease. These tests are extremely versatile, and they can provide a host of information, including:

  • Assessment of your obesity risk and information on how your body will respond to different types of exercise
  • Detailed profile of your skin with the assessment of its elasticity and collagen levels
  • Analysis of your metabolism
  • Food sensitivities

Results of these tests can help you design a perfect diet, exercise program, or skin care routine for yourself. Other tests might offer suggestions on how to reduce the risks of some health conditions that you are predisposed to according to the DNA analysis.

You also should not forget the ancestry component of home DNA testing. This thing offers the most fun because it allows you to learn a bit more about the history of your ancestors. Bear in mind that ancestry is not heritage so you will not be able to analyze your immediate family using these tests. However, you will learn some interesting things about your distant roots.

 Getting your DNA tested at home is very easy if you are using CompareDNAKits. All you need to do is swab the inside of your check and send the sample to the lab, in the provided container. The actual testing will happen at the lab and you will get your results in a few weeks.

However, remember that the accuracy of home DNA kits’ results always varies because it largely depends on the testing company’s database. Ancestry tests, in particular, can be less reliable because they draw their information from comparing your DNA makeup with the database only. Therefore, if people of your ancestry are not there, you will not be able to learn about your connection to them. However, the system will produce the results based on the best available match, so the ancestry they show you might be extremely distant.

Is it safe to use Home DNA Testing Kits for your family?

Taking a home DNA test is usually an emotional decision. If this is what drives you, go with it. Home DNA kits can be great fun to use, and they will definitely be a big help if you are interested in adding more details to your family tree.

However, because they cannot guarantee the accuracy, you should not take the results you get too serious. There are opinions today about how these seemingly innocent tests can be a danger to the social fabric and how they might help some people stick to their bigotries. Nevertheless, such a thing can only happen if one gets obsessed with the results they offer.

As to the health advice provided by some of the tests, you should not forget that this is not an expert recommendation. If the results you receive worry you, make an appointment with your doctor and take specialized tests to confirm the supposed diagnosis. This means that you can use these tests as an alert for a possible problem but do not start any self-treatment without getting a professional opinion first.

You also need to be aware that by taking this test, you submit your DNA information to the company’s database. This means you cannot be sure how to use it exactly. Of course, top companies on the market claim they will not sell your information to anyone. However, this industry is poor about regulations so you cannot be sure.

To reduce the risk of misuse of your personal information, you should only purchase tests from the oldest and most prominent companies. This does not only make you safer but also increases your chances to get accurate results because such companies have large DNA databases with millions of entries.

Be sure to study both professional and customer reviews of the products to see how helpful they can truly be.

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