Best Crib Mobile 2020: Just What You Need for a Happy Baby!

One of the most important aspects to focus on when caring for your baby would be his sleep. It's imperative to have our baby sleep soundly for him to grow well and without any issues. Plus, who wouldn't be cranky without a night of peaceful sleep? For fussy babies who can't sleep, you can try investing in the best crib mobile for them to stay entertained while sleeping well.

But what are crib mobiles anyway and how do you know if you have the best one suitable for you? Here is the ultimate purchasing guide you need for that!


What Are Crib Mobiles?

What Are Crib Mobiles?

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Some parents have experienced their baby waking up every hour, which makes it difficult for THEM to sleep. Believe me; I've been through the same dilemma, constantly having to lull my baby to sleep through singing or hanging toys on his face. That's why I decided to take action.

While there are toys you can add to your baby's crib to avoid him from moving around and keeping him entertained, I thought that it would be a bit dangerous since he can get injured by it. And this is when I found out about the crib mobile, which is something you hang above the crib. And it worked wonders!

This hanging miracle can either play songs or have toys with it, or both. It helps lull my baby to sleep while keeping him entertained while I'm doing something at home. The crib mobile removed the safety hazards of my baby sleeping with toys while helping him sleep or stay in the crib without being too fussy.

Benefits of Using Crib Mobiles

Benefits of Using Crib Mobiles

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Crib mobiles are a wonder, and I've been using them for my babies ever since, but why exactly are they one of the best additions to your baby's crib? Here are the benefits you and your baby can reap when setting up a crib mobile in their room:

Better Sleep and Relaxation

This is the important reason why I chose to get a crib mobile in the first place. These mobiles help my baby sleep soundly and straight. They stopped waking up and listen to the classical melodies or watch the toys until it lulls them to sleep.

The classical melodies also calm my baby, keeping them relaxed and free from tension if they are alone.

Improves Motor Abilities

Crib mobiles would enhance motor skills in a way that they exercise their eyes through following the toys. Some babies are curious enough to reach for it and touch it, especially if it comes with shapes and colors that stimulate your baby's curiosity. It's the reason why crib mobiles usually have bright colors and moving toys.

Not only does it help develop the way they move their eyes, but their muscles in trying to reach for the mobile as well.

Educational Tool

Yes, a mobile can help your baby learn, using it as a device to teach your baby new words or assist them in learning the various colors and shapes. They improve their coordination development while you can teach them the different words to help them understand.

Stimulates Vision and Hearing

Since crib mobiles would come in various colors or melodies, it helps stimulate your baby's hearing and visual senses. They are more enticed and slowly begin to develop these senses, quicker than compared to staring at the blank walls in silence.

Better Room Design

Crib mobiles come in a variety of designs. Some have toys, others in bright colors. Either way, it isn't only visually stimulating for children, but for visitors as well. It puts the kiddie and cute design to your baby's room. With a crib mobile, your baby's room won't look so drab and dull, but with more color!

Easy to Set Up and Bring

What I love about various crib mobiles is that it's easy to transport or assemble. Some crib mobiles are portable enough for you to carry while traveling, which makes it so much better for my kids when they get fussy.

How to Choose the Best Crib Mobile

How to Choose the Best Crib Mobile

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Now that you know the various benefits a crib mobile can do for you, the next thing to find out is which one you should use. So how can you select the best crib mobiles suitable for your baby? Here are some factors to consider and tips to follow:

  • Movement
  • Toys and Music

Some mobiles are lightweight and require the wind to move it around, though this is a bit unpopular. Mechanically operated mobiles are best because it doesn't move through the wind, but a push of a button. They will require batteries, though.

The direction they move in is important as well. You want something more than just a circular motion, but other rotations and up and down movements. BUT, be careful with this because the gear or motor can break easily when stressed (a.k.a. touched by your baby).

Here's an excellent video to help you choose the best crib mobile for your baby:

Top Five Best Crib Mobiles

Based on my research, tests, and overall customer reviews, here are the top five best crib mobiles you can invest in today:

SHILOH Baby Musical Mobile

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What I love about SHILOH is its simple design. It's got the bright and clean white color and at such a portable design, making it easy to bring around. It doesn't have any toys, though you can easily hang this device and add your child's favorite toys for him to enjoy. The mobile would spin the toy for him to enjoy!

The device can play up to 60 different classical melodies in a push of a button. It operates using batteries and can be adjusted, whether you want to play/pause or change the tracks and volume. I like that it comes with long songs my baby can listen to for hours, as well as energy saving features that shut off itself within half an hour. And at such an affordable price, it's almost a steal!


  • Plays up to 60 songs that last for a minute long
  • Energy-saver and shuts off automatically
  • Have easy-to-use controls
  • Soft and soothing sounds
  • You can add toys to it for spinning


  • Doesn't have hook on both sides
  • Needs to be taken proper care for or it breaks quickly

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This take-along mobile is perfect for those who are always on the go! You can take it out with you and attach it to your baby's crib or carrier, so they are always entertained everywhere they go, especially in the car where they're usually fussy and impatient. It's easy to attach, as it has a velcro fastener. No need to hassle yourself with setting it up anymore.

The spinning toys are simple and entertaining, with different primary colors. It can even play for up to half an hour with five different melodies.

So for those who want something affordable and with the complete package for just about any place, this is the perfect one you should get!


  • Easy to attach to any crib or carrier
  • Works for up to half an hour with five different melodies
  • Entertaining toys that spin around at a perfect speed
  • Portable and easy to take along
  • Grabs baby's attention well


  • Clamp isn't very durable
  • Might not fit some crib rails
  • Not much of an energy saver

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Projection Mobile

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Fisher-Price is one of the most reputable brands you can trust when it comes to baby products. The Precious Planet Projection Mobile is fantastic regarding technology and durability. It shows close-up images on canopy projection, so your newborns will quickly focus on what's in front of them, stimulating their senses and learning a lot.

I love the music and nature sounds, as it sounds soothing for both if is. It even has heartbeat and womb sounds, so your baby feels relaxed and in a familiar environment. Your baby will love every part of it!


  • Beautiful and natural sounds
  • Has a remote control
  • Attractive toys and lighting
  • Many babies enjoy the toys


  • Hard to assemble
  • Not a lot of contrasting colors
  • Complicated when changing batteries

Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile for Cribs

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If you want something affordable with the straightforward and safe design, then this one is for you. It has the high contrast images and colors to quickly develop your baby's mind, as well as interchangeable cards and a stim-mobile that changes the distance and rotation of the colors for your baby to grow both his visual and motor skills.

I love that my baby ALWAYS stays attracted to the mobile. It always catches his eye. Though it doesn't spin on its own, it is lightweight enough to stay moving with the wind, All in all, an affordable and attractive product!


  • Entertains all babies
  • Attractive cards and contrasting colors
  • Easy to switch cards
  • Adjustable holder


  • Not mechanical
  • Not sturdy base
  • No music

VTech Baby Soothing Ocean Slumbers Mobile

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VTech is another reputable brand when it comes to attractiveness and awesome features your baby will love. It has an ocean-themed design that has the ability play soft music for a long time, with 45 melodies to choose from! You have four dangling animals and with a projection of toys that can turn into actually toys your baby can play with once he grows older. With all these features, I can say it's worth the price from a trusted brand who have reputable products.


  • Soothing, ocean theme
  • 45 songs to choose from
  • Toys can be used when baby grows older
  • Attractive for babies to appreciate and follow


  • No mute button
  • Might be too bright for sleeping
  • Has slight noise while spinning


There are tons of ways you'll be able to properly put your baby to sleep or for him to stay entertained while you run errands. But out of all the available baby equipment and tools available, I would recommend a crib mobile for safety with the soft music that lulls your baby to sleep.

Out of all the crib mobiles available, the SHILOH Baby Musical Mobile would be the best one to invest in. Why? Because of the musical features that have 60 classical melodies that quickly put any baby to sleep! It's also effortless to use, with two buttons that the parent can press to adjust the volume or tracks played. And with its energy-saving function (it's battery-operated!) along with its toxic-free and durable material, you are purchasing something well worth its price (and more).

I hope that this article helped you become more knowledgeable on crib mobiles and what you should invest in for a happier and healthier baby. So what are you waiting for? Start preparing your baby's bedroom and ready his crib with a cute and functional crib mobile for him to enjoy.

If you enjoyed the article or would like to share your reviews on crib mobiles, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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