What Causes this Burning Sensation in Uterus During Early Pregnancy?

My first pregnancy was a phase filled with anxiety, excitement, confusions, and of course, questions. It could be because the experience is so new to me; I could not contain the surging emotions as well as thoughts within me. Every time I feel something new, I ponder endlessly and worry. When I felt a burning sensation in the uterus during early pregnancy, can you guess how anxious I have been?

You will agree as a mother that nothing more can make you apprehensive than the disturbing fear that something wrong might be happening to your child inside your belly. Hence, I want to talk about this sensation in the first trimester of pregnancy. Do you believe it is harmless?


Burning Sensation in the Uterus during Pregnancy: Do you feel the same?

Although the burning sensation does not really hurt, it makes my belly feel a bit weird (a little bit above the bikini line but below the belly button), and I cannot relax with it. I could not even identify it as a cramp but stomach tightening, just a warm rush (stretchy hot sensation), or a dull throbbing inside right where I visualize my baby should be. It occurs several times within a week, but now that I am almost on my second trimester, I notice it ebbing down. I am not alarmed, but knowing the reasons why it happens could plainly put my mind at rest.

What causes the burning sensation in the uterus during early pregnancy?

I know that my body is changing fast because of my pregnancy. The baby is growing and developing inside the pelvic cavity (the area between the abdomen and the legs) hence any weird sensations during the first phase usually happens within that portion of my belly. That part is where the uterus is as well. This burning uneasiness is one of the many familiar symptoms that pregnant women experience.

The discomfort is natural and harmless being a result of the growing fetus and the response of your body to hormonal changes and physical transformation to accommodate your child. Your uterus stretches and continues to expand especially during this early stage of conceiving. The most common cause of the burning sensation is the usual stretching of the ligaments that support the uterus. You can blame it to the so-called normal changes of early pregnancy.

This cause is positive and is not a reason to worry. Just sharing with you, each time this happens, I simply place my hand and gently hold the exact spot. It mostly helps to ease the burning. Taking the right amount of magnesium/calcium supplements can aid in lessening the discomfort too.

This phase is utterly normal and momentary.

Some tips to ease the discomfort:

  • Be mindful on how you move your body. When pregnant, your moves are limited. You may want to take it slow when walking or short steps will do. I suggest keeping your knees together during the strides.
  • Check your position first before getting up from bed or getting in. Remember to slow down in each turn.
  • Never lift heavy weights. I recommend wearing an abdominal support belt.
  • Adhere to safety pregnancy rules if you desire to run even when you are pregnant.

When do you need a medical evaluation?

Take note that this burning sensation in the uterus during early pregnancy is common during the first trimester. However, if you observe that this occurs frequently and longer to the point that it already gives you pain, do not hesitate to consult your OB. Remember that prolonged pain during pregnancy is no longer healthy and may be a sign of infection. You need immediate medical attention.

I have talked to some pregnant women at the doctor’s clinic having the same burning sensation as I have during early pregnancy and just like me, they worried and even had urine laboratory tests. You see, the nearest disorder that describes the burning sensation in the lower abdomen is UTI. Hence, you should know the difference between pregnancy symptoms and UTI. Ask help from your doctor to avoid confusion.


The burning sensation in the uterus during early pregnancy turns out to be a common occurrence within the first trimester. I completely understand when you freak out upon discovering the condition, but I know that it usually is the case especially for first-time moms. Even I overreact sometimes.

However, a mother’s instinct is always right most of the time. Never hesitate to ask help from your OB when you feel needing one.  I hope I gave you the answer that you need and may it gave your mind in peace and heart at rest. Have a happy pregnancy!

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