Calming a Crying Baby in Nine Natural Ways

It makes you anxious when your baby starts wailing. Mixed emotions of concern and nervousness lead you to empathize with the little one. However, you need to be very firm and focused on calming and keeping her vivacious because she might feel that you are losing your cool. The last thing you want is to let her sense that you are having a hard time making her feel better.

I admit that sometimes, you may run out of wits to soothe a newborn. Have you seen your baby pulling her hair? In all honesty, often I feel utterly frustrated when I find it difficult to bring back that cute smiling face or keep an infant back to her peaceful slumber.  


Why do babies cry?  

When babies cry, every so often you feel lost in getting the message she needs to convey since she cannot express her emotions through words yet. This fact is the main reason why it is hard to decipher what she wants to be happy. For parents, especially new ones, do not worry when your baby starts to fuss because it is their way of communicating when they are hungry, sleepy, feeling hot or upset. Crying is the most natural language they can convey.

When my baby starts to cry, it is maternal instinct to keep her calm, and if I fail, it is a huge disappointment. Hence, I am sharing some different techniques you could use in calming your baby.

Rock Your Baby

The most common way in calming a crying baby is rocking her back and forth, whether by standing or in a chair. This is because babies need a lot of cuddling and physical contact. Crying could be another way to let you know she wants your cuddle. Keep your baby close because the sound of your heart beating is like a melody to her, and your familiar smell makes her feel warm and secure.

Hum a Lullaby

Your voice is a soothing sound for your baby. Even if you are not as a good singer as Ariana Grande, your humming will give your newborn a sense of serenity. Letting your baby listen to songs is a creative way of soothing her as well. Music can calm the mind and decreases tension.

Crib mobiles feature soothing music too, try it.

Go to Different Places

Your baby might want a change of scenery after being in the house for quite an extended period. A new environment will evoke your baby’s amusement, and introducing them to something new will help them stop crying. Try going out for a walk in a park or a short drive. The change in the light, air, and sight can lift your baby’s mood, as well as yours.

The Colic Carry

Another reason as to why your baby cries are because of abdominal pain or gas in their stomach. When this happens, you need to Colic-carry your baby to remove the gas out of their system, making them feel better. What you need to do is to lay the baby on her stomach in your forearm and cradle her head. Use your other hand in soothingly rubbing her back.

It is a big help to feed them with the right baby formula too. See video below to guide you how to perform the colic carry.

Bath Your Baby

Water has its ways of relaxation. Babies cry when they are not comfortable because of itchy rashes. Dipping your baby in water can help in calming her down. Try preparing a warm bath with aromatherapy by adding different relaxing scents such as lavender and eucalyptus to help calm your baby down. Remember, not all baths help because some babies may dislike being in the water. With this, you get to know what your baby likes or not.

Create White Noise

Your shushing sounds help your baby calm down along with the small noises such as running water or breeze-like sounds because white noises create a similar environment like that to a womb of a mother. Doing so helps a fussy baby calm down and helps them sleep longer.


Some babies have the urge to suck on something. Babies even suck their fingers. If you are breastfeeding, suckling on your breast can provide comfort for the baby. If not, you can offer them pacifiers or suck on a clean finger or knuckle.

Entertain Your Baby

Keeping your baby distracted and cooing helps bring out positivity on both the parents and the baby. Giving them toys and playing with them will work well too. Like adults, they get bored, and playing with them can help. Watching educational films and cartoons works like magic. Doing these activities will turn your crying baby into a bouncing and giggling baby.

Keep Going

Within time, you tend to know your baby more. You will become an expert in calming her down when crying. Remember the techniques and strategies that work so well and keep going. However, bear in mind that too much can cause overstimulation and make matters a whole lot worse.


Do we have the same ways on calming a crying baby? Never feel upset or frustrated that your parenting skills are inadequate just because you cannot keep your baby quiet. Babies cry almost every day because that is their only mode of communication. Remember, babies are delicate beings, and whatever you feel as a parent, your little one can sense it. Your aura also influences the mood of your baby.

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