Can Alcohol Affect a Pregnancy Test? Facts That You Need to Know

You’re excited to be a mom! In fact, you’re about to find out today if it’s going to happen or not. But what’s eating you up, is the glass of wine you had last night.

Do you need to wait for a few days because of it? Can alcohol affect a pregnancy test?


Can Alcohol Affect a Pregnancy Test?

Coping up with the busy schedule, family concerns, careers and social life is a challenge for women in this generation. Dealing all of it at one time is no joke. I understand that a few drinks with the ladies would be great. But when you’re trying to conceive, everything suddenly matters.

Here’s the good news. NO, IT CAN’T. Yeah, myth is busted! Alcohol doesn’t affect the pregnancy test. Do you know why?

Pregnancy tests, can’t detect alcohol. It does not have the detector particles for alcohol. The truth is, it’s made to only identify the chemical “human chorionic gonadotropin” in your urine. This chemical is the pregnancy hormone (hCG).

Hence, the level of hCG is the determiner if you’re pregnant or not. Therefore, don’t blame the liquor if you got the negative result. You can now stop the dilemma of alcohol affecting a pregnancy test.

In fact, the hCG level rises rapidly upon conception. But here is an idea of how much of it you need to know you’re pregnant.

Pregnancy test result:

  • hCG level below 5 mIU/ml- the test will come out negative pregnancy
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    hCG level below 25 mIU/ml- is reflected as a positive pregnancy
Pregnancy test result

When is the Right Time for a Pregnancy test?

Apparently, if you missed the menstrual period, it’s the first sign of pregnancy. Doing the test too soon may come out negative. Give time for your body to develop needed pregnancy hormones (hCG). For a more precise result, wait for another three days to one week before another testing.

Now, if this is something new to you, there are plenty of reliable pregnancy test packs that you can try at home. Most of the new products have guidelines that are easy for you to understand. Home Pregnancy tests claim to be 97-99% accurate provided that you’re administering it correctly.

A pregnancy test is not complicated. The device will merely react to the hCG of your urine and will display visual results. Symbols of results may vary depending on the type of test pack. 

Other Methods of Pregnancy Test:

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    Clinical Urine Test - This is as accurate as the home pregnancy test. Nonetheless, the doctor performs the lab test in his clinic. It is an assurance too that he can help you eradicate factors that will affect the correctness of the analysis.
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    Blood Test - Taken in the doctor’s clinic, this lab test is done to detect the hCG content in your bloodstream.

Tips for an accurate pregnancy result:

  • Secure a reliable pregnancy test kit. Timing is crucial. Seven days after missing the menstrual period is recommendable.
  • Check the test pack’s expiration date. Expired packages are no longer valid.
  • Follow the kit’s instruction steps correctly. 
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    It is best to take urine first thing after waking up in the morning.
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    Preparing a clock for accurate time monitoring is wise. Strictly apply the allotted time as directed.
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    Prepare yourself for the result : Waiting for a pregnancy test result would only take a few minutes. However, it is incredibly emotional for both partners. Discovering that you are pregnant is a happiness that is hard to contain. 

A negative result, on the other hand, may bring sadness to couples who are profoundly hoping for a baby. It is vital to prepare yourself whatever the outcome may be.

Alcohol and Pregnancy

Alcohol and Pregnancy

Now you know that alcohol does not affect pregnancy tests. Nevertheless, I need to clarify that it would seriously be a hazard when you’re pregnant. If you found out from the pregnancy result that you’re having a baby, I compel you to STOP taking in alcohol. It just doesn’t come together at all!

The alcohol that you drink will pass through your bloodstream across the placenta and to the fetus. The fetus can’t break down alcohol as fast as you do. Your baby will have a high level of alcohol in the bloodstream. A shot of alcohol a day increases the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, low birth weight and will hinder the fetus brain development.

So, if you’re excited to be a mom, it would be wise to avoid alcohol even before taking the pregnancy test.


If you’re hoping to become a mother someday, waiting to become pregnant is a combination of excitement, anxiety, and fear. So, I know exactly how it feels if you think you’ve done something to mess it up. Don’t worry, trust your mother instincts.

If the question “Can alcohol affect a pregnancy test” is still bugging you down, for the last time, the answer is “NO, It can’t.” Now you take the test and hope for the best!

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