Child Safety – Nine Tips for a Working Mom

I bet that once you go back to your usual working routine, you cannot focus entirely on knowing that you left your baby back at home. Even with the help and assurance that she is well, but still, you fear of her safety. I am aware of the countless things that I need to ensure to keep my baby’s security when I am away.

Here are a few tips I have learned and used while I was working away from home.


1. Orient your children with Safety Protocols

If your kids are old enough to understand instructions, I suggest orienting them on safety protocols. Start teaching what to do when there is an earthquake, fire, or another emergency. It’s even advisable to create an emergency drill once in a while to ensure that they remembered what to do.

You can implement some safety rules at home like, “Never accept visitors without my permission, whoever they may be.”

2. Communication

For my kids who have the mobile

The telephone is the nearest and easiest way to contact me. I have put a list of important numbers near the phone, like the police and fire station, hospital, or the emergency number. For my kids who have the mobile, I made sure to save the emergency numbers in the memory.

3. You Need Help

It is difficult when your child is still a baby, and you’re not at home all the time. Babies can’t talk. Before I went back to work, I have arranged a close family that I trust to watch over her.

At the same time, I hired a nanny to take care of her if my mom is not around. Be careful in hiring help at home. If possible, hire somebody from a trusted agency or has references recommending her character. Find high-quality childcare.

4. Monitor their access online

You already know that nowadays, the internet I accessible even to our little children. I don’t deny that it offers diverse information and is a good way of teaching my kids. However, I strictly suggest limiting their time and access. I recommend letting them use with supervision.

It’s best to monitor your children’s phone activities, whereabouts, and online searches. Family Orbit offers parental monitoring apps to protect your kids. Check it out and learn how it can help you and your family.

5. Store all hazardous items away from your children’s reach.

Highly curious, our kids’ imagination is unlimited. It’s vital to keep dangerous stuff like medicine, cleaning supplies, firearms, fireworks, and chemicals lockup. Make sure that the storage is secure. It will be helpful to orient helpers about it too.

6. Self-defense

self-defense summer classes

There are self-defense summer classes offered for kids that you might want to consider. Kids who undergone such training develop the sense of awareness when there is a danger. They will also have ideas on what to do in such situations.

7. It’s Okay to Hang Out at Home

Where is the best place to hang out with friends than our very own home? Although you need to exert effort and spend to keep them, it’s better than worrying about your kids roaming outside. Prepare some snacks and entertainment to keep them busy and happy. I always believe that getting to know my children’s friend is one way to find out if she’s with the right crowd.

8. Install a Security System

I installed CCTV cameras at home. Front and backyard, living room, kitchen, upstairs, and even in the children’s room. There’s a camera everywhere. It calms me down seeing my kids are safe even if it’s just through my phone.

I recommend a wireless home security system for continuous monitoring. Monitor regularly the activities, and manage all security system users.

9. More Practical Tips

  • Always keep a well-stocked first aid kit at home.
  • Gratipay (Gittip)
    Never leave your children at home for more than three hours.
  • Gratipay (Gittip)
    If possible, choose a peaceful neighborhood.
  • Gratipay (Gittip)
    Keep in touch often.

My Final Thoughts

You are not alone to experience the stress of working away from home. Leaving your children at home can cause strain and affect your performance as an employee and as a mother as well. I suggest implementing your own family safety rules and take advantage of the capability of new technology to monitor your children.

I may have invested big time on gadgets, apps, and security systems, but I don’t have any regrets. In exchange for it, all is my peace of mind and my children’s security. I know you feel the same excessively!

Sarah Palmer

Hi! I'm Sarah. My husband and I have a beautiful little girl; plus we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby #2, so this is a very exciting time for us. Throughout this amazing journey called Parenthood, I’ve learned so much and love sharing my experiences with other parents at SarahsLovelyFamily.com. I'd love to share my discoveries with you too!

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