Tips for Drinking All the Water You Need While Pregnant

One of the worst things about pregnancy is the increased need to pass water. It can lead to a strong dislike for consuming liquids because it feels like every time you have a glass of water, it comes right out. Besides that, there is the fact that water doesn't have much taste to it. It's boring to drink glass after glass, yet most other beverages should be avoided because they could hurt the child.


The truth is, you need it more now than ever before. One reason is that pregnancy can be hard on the kidneys because of the needs of the growing fetus. They're not only filtering your blood, there are doing the same thing for Baby. Dehydration at this point could harm both of you. There are a couple of tricks and tips for drinking all the water you need while pregnant.

1. Keep a glass or bottle nearby

If you're constantly having to make special trips to get your water then you'll drink less than if it's within easy reach at least most of the time. If you're not in danger of knocking the glass over and drowning your computer, keep a glass near that. But if you're on the clumsy side of things, a bottle would be more sensible.

2. Sip regularly

It's usually much easier to take regular sips of water than it is to gulp down a whole glass full of the liquid. Make it a habit to take regular sips of water and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how fast you get through it without feeling that you're enduring punishment.

3. Drink water when you go out to eat

It's always easy to order a soda when you go out to eat at your favorite restaurant. But from now on I want you to order water. If you want to spice it up a bit you can add a little lemon to it. This will help you keep your calories down and still lose weight while eating out. Once you start drinking more water you will be surprised how quickly your cravings for other drinks fade away

4. Custom Water

Another trick to consider is custom bottled water as what many people perceive it. Bottled water is treated and personalized to quench not only your thirst but also safe for your body. Anyone will drink water knowing it has some benefits to your body at the end. The fact that this water is purified, there is some added mineral that helps you increase water appetite.

5. Place a bet

If someone else you know also needs to drink more water, challenge them to see which of you can drink more glasses of water (within reason of course) over the next couple of weeks. That's long enough to make sure that one of you doesn't cheat and just drink gallons for a day or two. It's also long enough for both of you to get in the habit of drinking more water as a matter of course.

6. Flavor It

Many pregnant women find water taste as unsuitable for them. There’s a magic to drink more water by changing its tastes. You need to find some water flavors or fruits and add to your water. Adding some lemon juice have shown to be helpful and it increases your water appetite. By adding a twist of lemon to your glass or bottle. The slight flavor released by the oils in the peel will subtly turn that water into something you're willing to drink. You can also find flavored water at the grocery store, but watch out for hidden sugar and sodium in those products.

7. Drink with your meals

In much the same way as waiters will keep your glass topped up with wine or beer, make sure that you have a topped up glass of water with each meal. And actually, drink from it, rather than using it as a table decoration.

8. Keep track, especially at first

Until drinking more water becomes second nature it pays to keep a fairly tight track of what you're drinking. Probably not quite as far as writing down a log, although some people do this, but definitely something as easy a few ticks on a notepad won't hurt.

9. Keep your water cold

If your water is cold and refreshing, you are likely to drink more of it. Make sure ice is always ready in your freezer. Another plus to drinking cold water is that it takes more calories to heat the water up to body temperature to process it.

Adequate hydration will help you and your child remain healthy until birth. If you find yourself having trouble even with the above tips, talk to your OB about it. He or she may have more tips or they could suggest another beverage suitable for both you and your child.

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