What are The Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the onset of bringing into life a human bring. Becoming pregnant comes with all the highs and lows as you expect a bundle of joy in a few months’ time.

One thing that every woman need to be conscious about is that every woman has a different experience during pregnancy and as such different symptoms are often experienced.


Some of the signs in early pregnancy include

1. Morning Sickness - Mostly women have nausea, and when severe, it leads to vomiting. This is normally experienced two weeks after conception has taken place. The main cause of nausea is due to the rise in estrogen levels whereby the stomach s not as active as during the normal times and as such, emptying becomes a slow process which leads to nausea and subsequent vomiting. This can be controlled by taking plenty of water and eating some light meals before waking up in the morning.

However, if they persist, it's essential to visit a doctor who may give way forward to manage the situation.

2. Swelling of breasts - After two weeks when conception takes place, breasts starts to become tender and swell. They grow large and most often painful. This is due to the hormonal changes that have taken place in the body in preparation for the incoming baby.

3. Fatigue - Most often. Women become fatigues as the body tries to adjust itself to the new environment when the progesterone levels go high, and the blood pressure is lowered, At this point, the body uses a lot of energy which ends up leaving a fatigued body.

4. Mood changes - When the levels f estrogen and progesterone rise, it happens that the emotions also change. They can be feelings of joy, anxiety, depression and all these are normal during pregnancy. They should not be a cause of worry because as the pregnancy progresses, these moods fade away.

5. Weight gain - Because of the formation of the amniotic fluid which is meant to protect the baby while growing inside, the accumulation of fat and the enlargement of the uterus.

6. Heavy Vaginal Discharge - Most times, women experience discharge which is thicker than usual and the discharge increases as the pregnancy progresses. Its milky white in color and thick. There are times that you may experience itching as it discharges and even a change of color.

In case of such, it’s essential to visit a doctor since it’s a sign of bacterial infection that needs to be treated immediately to avoid further infections.

7. The areola darkens - This is the part of the nipple that turns dark more than it has been to pave the way for milk production.

8. Headaches - Due to changes in the hormones, there are changes often associated with the hormones change which end up making someone experience headaches. One should consult a doctor to be able to know the pain relievers to use during this time of pregnancy.

9. Increase in the number of times of urination - As the uterus expands, the bladder is compressed, making the woman experience many urination needs, However, should there be itching in during the urination process, consult a medic who will advise on the way forward.

10. Food craving - Sometimes, one may crave for a specific type of food and may not want to eat anything else besides what they are craving for. This may continue to the end of the pregnancy.

11. Being sensitive to smells - There are smells that a woman becomes sensitive to and may even lead to nausea and vomiting. For instance, the smell of burning onions is very sensitive and a high percentage of women get affected by it. However, it reduces by the time the first trimester is over.

12. Constipation - The levels of progesterone rise when pregnant. During digestion, sometimes food passes through the intestines which often leads to constipation.

13. Heartburn - There are hormones the cause the oesophagus and the stomach to relax causing the production of stomach acid. This eventually leads to heartburn. However, there are various ways in which these can be minimized, for example eating small portions of food during the day rather than waiting for the normal times of feeding.

14. Increase in the body temperature - The body temperature rises during early pregnancy. This is caused by doing some exercises that are required of a pregnant woman to keep her body fit. It is easy to control this by taking a lot of water to retain the moisture that the body needs much at such a time.


Being pregnant is an excitement that every woman who is ready for it enjoys, and such symptoms should not bring you down at any time.

To maintain your peace, ensure that you visit your doctor frequently for checkups, drink lots of water and exercise as much as possible to keep your body healthy.

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