Eight Ideas for a Successful Family Event

When everybody pointed at me to become an event planner for the next family reunion, I felt the weight on my shoulders. How can I ever make the next meeting more impressive than today? Hence, I immediately searched and made clips for the next big event. Therefore, the following year came, and the gathering was hilariously warm, loving, and memorable as it can be.

Do you want to make your next family activity a success? Here are ideas that I have gathered that may help you organize a successful family experience.


Agree for a group t-shirt.

Nowadays, it is a trend to wear group shirts during events. A family reunion is no exception. There are more fun and unity in it. Agree for a design and print. 

Check everyone’s sizes carefully. Nobody wants to wear either an oversized or skimpy shirt. Even baby girl clothes must display a print similar to adult shirts. 

Choose a flexible date.

Pick a date wherein the majority of the family members can come. Holidays are excellent for family reunions. There will be no classes for the kids and it is great to bring them outdoors. There will be no work for the parents as well. However, you must decide as early as possible since most holidays are considered peak seasons. The earlier to book the event, the higher the chance to get to the venue.

Make sure everyone is welcome. 

Before the big day, I prepared the program, house rules, location map, pointers, rates, and assignments for smooth interaction. This way, you can focus on welcoming the family members and not miss anyone. The venue must be well arranged beforehand and make sure that you have prepared comforts like beds, lockers, food, and equipment that are needed. Make the first day worry-free and focus on each one that arrived. 

Food must be enough for everyone.

Prepare food not only for kids but for adults too. Kids tend to get hungry all the time, so you may want to keep extra servings for them. An extra mile, you may like to research on what family members like for the food choices. It never hurts to extend further effort to serve. 

BBQ is always a favorite. Do not forget to include fun. While it is perfect for adding on lots of sweets like ice cream and marshmallows, it would be great also to prepare beer or wine to cater for adults.

Games for all Ages

It would be more fun to let all participate in the games. Therefore, as much as you can, prepare games that both children and adults can play together. List down exciting games that will surely enjoy. Example games are treasure maps and challenge sheets.

Never miss preparing a game that would make parents and children bond together. The more games that a family interacts together, the successful the event will be.

Always have a plan B.

You will need a plan B, especially when your venue is outdoors. You will never know when the weather changes and stopping for the day when it rains seems to be impossible for an event that only happens once a year. I suggest providing umbrellas, ponchos, tents as a backup that would be enough for all to use.

Party giveaways 

The usual giveaways after an event are loot bags and prizes. However, these are common even before. Yes, kids would love to bring home gift packs but preparing a token of remembrance for the said gathering would be helpful for a change. You can pre-order customized giveaways for each family or individual. The design should be in alignment for your reunion theme.

Do not forget the memories.

Photos and videos are vital in every family event. It is the best memory keeper of all times. Do not stress yourself and do all the shots. Although almost everyone has his or her mobile cameras nowadays, still, I would recommend hiring a photographer and camera operator to film the event. I tell you, watching photos and video together after the day would be a memory worth keeping.


The truth is, it is never complicated planning a family event. It is supposed to be easy since you know almost everyone. Participation is not hard, either. You will find yourself full of willing hands to help. Whatever happens, any family reunion is always successful. 

The program is not what always matters. The time spent with your loved ones and the memories that you have made together is what counts. Remember, to keep your planning stress-free, learn how to delegate, formulate an effective plan, stick to the budget, and never miss to invite anyone.

Sarah Palmer

Hi! I'm Sarah. My husband and I have a beautiful little girl; plus we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby #2, so this is a very exciting time for us. Throughout this amazing journey called Parenthood, I’ve learned so much and love sharing my experiences with other parents at SarahsLovelyFamily.com. I'd love to share my discoveries with you too!

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