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Essential Oil Detox Water Recipe: A great way to boost your day!

As much as possible, you want your home to be toxic-free down from hand sanitizers to healthy sleeping. If that means finding a way to make your drinking water healthier, then learning the essential oil detox water recipe is a perfect start. Have you tried drinking one? This mixture of vinegar and essential oils with water and other ingredients makes it taste like flavored water. I usually do it ahead and chill for my family’s hydration.

Once your kids are familiar with the drink, they will ask for it naturally. Make it a part of your family’s daily routine. Start a day with essential oil detox water and make it a habit to drink whenever you need it!


Safety Measures When Using Essential Oils with water:

Knowing that water and oil do not mix, learning the technique on how to dilute essential oils is of the most important. If you are interested in making essential oil detox water recipe, then you should know to do the process safely.

Take note that you need to blend the essential oils first before adding water. Pour in the vinegar, stevia, and other concentrated ingredients as well. Make sure to mix it all well to dissolve all the essential oils entirely. After that, you can add the water to create the detox water recipe. 

Remember that without water, the mixture would be too strong and may not be safe. This recipe needs one-gallon worth of water to make it perfect detox water. I highly suggest drinking an average of two-three glasses daily. Keep in mind that more than that would mean exceeding the amount of essential oils, you consume that is allowable. Always think about safety when ingesting essential oils.

Here is a guide on how to dilute your essential oils safely:

Essential Oil Detox Water Recipe

This recipe is worth a gallon of detox water and is better to prepare ahead for your water supply.


  • one eye dropper-full liquid stevia (you can use either flavored or plain
  • ten drops lemon essential oil
  • ten drops of grapefruit essential oil
  • one teaspoon newly squeezed lime ( or you can use lemon juice)
  • one tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • one gallon purified water

I am strict when it comes to the type of water I use for my detox. The highest quality of water available is the best. Most illness comes from ingesting contaminated water. Hence, for me, it is better safe than sorry.

What to do?

  • Pour in the stevia, lemon, and the apple cider vinegar with all the essential oils in a container. I used a pitcher in mine. Mix it well to blend.
  • Fill it in with the prepared, purified water.
  • The entire mixture is the water supply that you can drink daily. If you think the concentrate is too potent for you, you can opt to add another quart of drinking water.
  • Remember that three glasses is the maximum consumption for a day.

This concentrate is also healthy to bring for hydration, especially during workouts. You can also do some variations with this water mixture as you please. Sometimes, I add in a bit of electrolyte powder during intense gym exercise. If you are more on floral flavors, you can also change it as you please.

I recommend drinking after the activity to rehydrate yourself. It is an excellent idea for refreshment!

Benefits of Drinking Detox water:

  • Energy: Drinking water can boost your body energy. When you are dehydrated, you will naturally feel tired and weak. Drink enough water to give your mind focus and better concentration.
  • Weight loss: Having enough water in your body keeps our body organs to function correctly. It enhances our metabolism and burning of fats as well. Try replacing your other drinks such as soda with water to maintain a healthy way of living.
  • Healthy skin: Drinking a lot of water hydrates skin and prevents the problem of dry skin. The water flushes out toxins from your body and helps get rid of wrinkles.
  • Nutrients: Water helps nutrients and oxygen to circulate and travel to your cells and organs. At the same time, water regulates body temperature and protects our joints.


Essential oil detox water recipe offers health benefits that some may not know about. It cleanses our body system, promotes weight loss, and maintains a healthy digestive system. You do not need to follow recipes that do not suit your taste. You can make your own choice of fruits, fragrance, and other ingredients. Make this your regular water supplement daily for a healthier living style.

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