Essential Oil Recipe for Sleep DIY Spray: Natural Way to Relax!

With the entire busy daily schedule, it keeps me always moving. I feel exhausted but cannot get enough. There are still plenty of things to do. Even at night when what I need is a good rest, it is difficult to fall asleep. 

It took me like forever to discover I can make essential oil spray recipes for sleep by myself. The new blends are an addition to my existing DIY essential oil body care products at home. I got two favorite recipes that I use as alternates, and I call it my pillow spray — just a whiff of it to put me to sleep. I am going to share both to you just because you also need all the rest you can get.


DIY Essential Oil Spray Recipe for Sleep

I am sure that once you familiarize yourself on how to use essential oils and discover some of your favorite scents, you can make your recipe mix to enjoy a good night's sleep. For now, you can make use of what I have for a start. I have been enjoying this recipe at home whenever I need a rest. If you need a little more than a snooze, an essential oil blend for ADHD is available too!

My favorite essential oil blend is lavender and vanilla absolute while patchouli and cedarwood mix is my alternate. Once you get to know other suitable mixtures, you can choose and keep some as your favorites.

What do you need?

  • Glass spray bottle (4 oz.)
  • Your own choice of essential oil (20 drops)
  • Proof alcohol 190

Step by step instructions:

  • Fill in your glass bottle with the essential oil.
  • Add in the proof alcohol to fill in the remaining space.
  • Shake it well until you see that it is evenly blended.
  • Store it in the proper place.
  • Before the time for bed, use it and mist your pillow to enhance your mood to sleep. Enjoy your relaxing night!

Check some essential oils that I recommend for you. You can try mixing two essential oils or even more. Try some of it and find out what works best for you!

  • Vetiver and Roman Chamomile
  • Roman chamomile, rose, palmarosa
  • Ylang-ylang, bergamot, lavender, sweet marjoram, Roman chamomile, Valerian
  • Geranium, sweet marjoram, patchouli, sweet orange
  • Lavender, clary sage, ylang-ylang, vanilla

Other essential oils that help you with your sweet dreams are bergamot, cedarwood, coriander, frankincense, lemon, neroli, tangerine, and sandalwood. You can do experimental blends until you find the perfect mix. 

What exactly do essential oils do to enhance our quality of sleep? Find out the benefits each essential oil offers to make it happen. Mostly, you can apply this oil on your skin or for aromatherapy. Learn to mix some as a remedy for tension, grief, and nervousness. These negative emotions may be the culprit why you cannot slumber as you wish.

  • Sweet Orange: Can boost your entire mood. If you are wondering why it helps in making you fall asleep, well, it has an anti-anxiety effect that lessens your sadness or gloomy mood.
  • Ylang-ylang: this flower is beautiful and proves to balance your mood. It is more useful in keeping yourself calm in hard situations and aids in relieving trauma.
  • Lavender: This essential oil is so versatile when it comes to health benefits but do best with anxiety and mood swings. It relieves pressure and encourages a long, restful sleep.
  • Roma Chamomile: As one of my favorites, this essential oil is useful for both the digestive and nervous system. If your constant worry and edginess is keeping you from sleeping, then add this to your spray mix to calm you down.
  • Vetiver: This rich and deep essential oil is best to calm you down so you can focus. It is best to add this to your mix when you need to focus and think.


Once you tried my ready blends, can you tell me what works well for you? Everyone has his or her favorites. Other times, it is the start of sharing each secret mixes. Of course, as you continue to explore essential oil recipe that helps in giving you a great sleep, you will discover more blends that you might find more useful. As you become an expert in blending your sleep spray, you may be able to share new mix for everyone to enjoy. 

I expect that you would be one of our few circles that gives time to search for the best essential oil blends and reap the benefits. Sweet dreams!

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