Essential Oils for ADD / ADHD that are Safe and Proven

Do you also have those times when you find it hard to focus even for a minute? I have. In fact, not just once, but in many instances, I experience specific difficulties to concentrate. High sugar level or an effect of improper diet may be the culprit. 

Maybe I have too much going on in my head. Whatever the reasons are, I struggle on finding a remedy to bring myself back to reality. It was a relief when I learned the benefits of essential oils. With the use of some useful blends, it brought back my days in order. 

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What is ADD/ADHD?

ADHD means Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Someone who has this condition displays lacking interest, acting on impulse, and too much energy is resulting in hyperactivity. The term for this before is ADD that stands for attention deficit disorder. You will be surprised to know that this does not only occur to children but adults as well. However, it usually manifests early during childhood years.

ADHD and Essential Oils

Do you know that essential oils come from herbs and purified into a higher level of concentration? You can extract these oils from any part of the plants like roots, stems, leaves, and flowers. You may have just heard of it, but yes, these oils exist already even before our ancestors. The use of essential oils has become a fad nowadays, and plenty of DIY with essential oils are everywhere.

Essential oils are beneficial as a remedy that focuses on our physical, emotional, and psychological properties. However, even so, you need to ask permission from your doctor before using because it may result in some allergic reactions. Besides, essential oils can give side effects when not being used the right way. Hence, you should always follow instructions during application.

When it comes to ADHD, essential oils offer calming result that changes behaviors symptoms of kids. You can either apply essential oils directly on your skin through massage or choose to enjoy the scent through aromatherapy. NEVER take essential oils orally. Some of them are highly toxic. Even with skin application, you need to dilute it with a carrier oil.

Essential Oils for ADD / ADHD that works best!

Therefore, keep in mind the list of essential oils that work well in calming down people with ADD/ADHD. Most of them focus on calming the mind of an individual. Hence, you will never know how much you can help.

  • Cedarwood: Enhances oxygenation of brain cells resulting from having a soothing effect. Try using this after a hectic schedule at work.
  • Lavender: This fragrant plant is best for treating anxiety. When you see someone that is experiencing a nervous breakdown, try treating her or him with aromatherapy using lavender essential oil for a comforting effect.
  • Orange:  Many use orange essential oil as a remedy for anxiety to people when exposed to a stressful environment often. Hence, this can be helpful to kids suffering from ADD/ADHD. Just remember never to expose your skin under the sun after application.
  • Chamomile: Depression is one of the symptoms that ADHD brings. Chamomile also can calm down and lessen the uneasiness of a person during anxiety attacks. This essential oil is even a great use before bedtime to give you a long resting sleep.
  • Peppermint: One of my regulars at home; this essential oil has a relaxing effect. I use this after dinner when all I have is my “ME” time. Take note that you need to dilute peppermint more because it may be too intense for those who have sensitive skin. You can either lessen the drops of the oil or add more carrier oil to go with it.
  • Sandalwood: Many believe that sandalwood also has properties to help you calm down, especially when you are experiencing stress. This explains why the essential oil is a favorite to people who are very active in their career. Besides, sandalwood offers medicinal remedy to swelling or inflammatory conditions.

  • Rosemary: The aroma of Rosemary essential oil helps in giving your senses more alertness. It can enhance your attentiveness and focus within the day. This oil is useful for ADD/ADHD.

  • Frankincense: Are you having a bad day? Keep all your negative emotions at bay by using Frankincense. It makes you feel better and lessen depression. Apply this, and you will have a focus for the rest of the day.


ADD/ADHD occurs not only for kids but for adults as well. These essential oils are useful and safe. However, put in mind that although it is helpful in many ways, children are highly sensitive. Their skin is still delicate. 

More research is still going on with the use of essential oils for kids. I hope that they find a way to apply it on kids with minimal risks. For now, you need to follow instructions and give extra care. Cheers!

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