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Essential Oils for Detox: The traditional way to cleanse our body

You have enough in DIY essential oils for body products and essential oils for wellness and remedies. Have you raised interest in expanding your knowledge about essential oils for detox? Eliminating toxins from our system could be a part of your routine. Therefore, you will not worry and feel guilty after indulging yourself with unhealthy food during special occasions. 

Make it a habit to ensure the repair of body cells and removing poisonous waste from our system. Naturally, it will help organs such as kidney, colon, skin, liver, and lymph to be healthy. Let me share with you ten of my favorite essential oils for detox. However, you must keep in mind using pure grade essential oils (Grade A) since it is the highest quality. The better the quality, the best is the result. 


Best Essential Oils for Detox

  • Fennel: aid in the relief of nausea, flatulence, and constipation. It is more on keeping your digestive system in good condition. If you are not comfortable in ingesting, try applying it directly to your abdomen. Use it to rub all over the skin when you have stomach discomfort. It is utterly safe for kids as well.
  • Juniper: Its primary function is to aid our body in eliminating toxic waste. Massage two drops of this oil into your wrist and reap the benefits. It is excellent in improving liver function.
  • Wild Orange: best when you have plenty of physical and mental activities. It is perfect for revitalizing and energizing. Just mix two drops of this oil with your glass of drinking water and use to rinse and spit. When you have a runny nose, you can add the same amount to a cup of hot water and inhale the steam that comes from it. It is a relief to cough stuffy nose.
  • Lemongrass: Are you having trouble with fungal infections? Lemongrass essential oil has antifungal properties and an analgesic. Its antioxidants make it advantageous in fighting cancer as well. Do you know that lemongrass essential oil is safe to rub right on your skin? Try adding it with your moisturizers.
  • Ginger: Like fennel, it is a remedy for nausea, aids digestion, and lessens motion sickness. It also boosts your metabolism and encourages an ideal sugar level. Just blend in eight drops of ginger essential oil to 500 ml of water and drink it slowly in between meals. It will calm your stomach and will not feel that hungry as usual.

Are you curious about how to detoxify your body? Watch this video for a guide:

  • Peppermint: Besides its anti-inflammatory properties that are best to combat infections, it is also great in cleaning the lymphatic system. Do you already know some DIY products with essential oil? Try adding peppermint to your toothpaste and reap the benefits.

  • Oregano has a high level of antioxidants, so it is excellent in preventing cancer. It is also a potent anti-bacterial. If you have a sore throat, you may drop of oregano oil with your teaspoon of honey for remedy. You can also add this together with your coconut oil when making hand sanitizers.
  • Lavender: Not only does lavender essential oils perfect to calm down your mood, but it also is an excellent remedy in eradicating nervous exhaustion. This is beneficial for those who are suffering from anxiety, migraines, and stress. Apply two drops of the essential oil to your wrist or soles of your feet to help the adrenals. You may apply this every morning and before bedtime.

  • Lemon: Proves to be useful for detoxifying. It also has regenerating properties that are useful for the liver. It arouses your white blood cells to do its job and fight infection. In addition, it helps bring focus to your mind and emotions. I add two drops of lemon essential oil to my glass of drinking water every day to cleanse my lymphatic system. If you are not comfortable ingesting the oil, you can apply the same amount and massage it your feet.
  • Grapefruit: For the remedy of common colds and other viral infection, grapefruit essential oil is best. Besides the antiviral properties, it is also antiseptic and diuretic. You can add in this essential oil in making body wash or as a carrier oil for massage. It helps in the smooth circulation of your blood flow.


Of course, essential oils prove to be useful as remedy and cleansing your body even hundreds of years ago. However, no matter how beneficial it can be, you can never depend on it to work everything for you. These natural reliefs are far better off with your constant exercise, healthy diet, clean environment, and discipline. Doing your part will bring remarkable results. Being traditional is an advantage after all.

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