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Five Tips on How to Prepare Your Child for Dental Appointment

The fear of seeing the dentist is the reasons why my little girl does not want to come to every dental appointment. It needs a lot of effort and creativity to bring her inside the clinic. When it is her turn, she breaks down and never let go of me. Do you have the same problem as mine?

I never knew exactly where my kid got the idea of pain when it comes to dental care, but I have a hunch that it came from friends chat and movies. Maybe, her first dental experience was not as lovely as it should be. However, if you only take the time to look for the best dental clinic that performs well with kids, then the whole situation may change.

Hence, what I learned from my experience may help you in dealing with yours. Here are five tips on how to prepare your child for a dental appointment:


The Right Timing

It is better to schedule your child’s dental appointment at the right time. It means those days that she is free from stress. I set the big day when she does not have school and when she feels at her best. Hence, she will be in a lighter mood to see her dentist and will not find it difficult to cooperate during the whole session.

Condition Your Child’s Mind

Days before the appointment, I start conditioning my toddler’s mind that seeing the dentist is a positive thing. Take away the fear by telling stories about what a pleasant experience it is to see a friendly doctor. Once, I took an extra mile and let my little girl meet the dentist outside the clinic. They had a friendly talk at the playground, and my munchkin was so excited to see her again even if it means tooth extraction.

It is also essential to avoid negative words such as pain, injection, medicines, to keep her mind clear from apprehension.

Give your full attention to your child

Sometimes, as a parent, I am confident that everything is going to be alright. The plans were already perfect, and the appointment went as expected. I never paid much attention to my kid the night before when she told me she was not feeling okay. I thought it was just an alibi of not going.

To my regret, my little girl was burning hot by the time we reached the clinic. Instead of a dental check-up, we went straight to her pediatrician.

Educate Your Child

For me, the best way to prepare your child for a dental appointment is to educate her beforehand. Teaching your little one the importance of dental care will bring understanding and clarity on why she is going to the dentist. Letting her know the advantages of healthy teeth will make her willing to visit.

Explaining some of the dental procedure to give her an idea of what to happen is also useful. Answer all your kid’s questions with confidence and positivity to take away her doubts and fears.

Do not push too hard.

Know when your child is ready. Preparing her for a first dental appointment does not mean right away. It takes time, attention, and mostly patience to get there. Observe your child’s behavior. If you see that she is not yet willing to come, do not force her to go.

Some kids need more time to absorb the whole picture. Do the first four tips I mentioned. However, the pacing may differ from other kids. It is best not to compare your child with other kid’s progress.


Never delay dental care for your kids. As soon as you see a tooth coming up, it is best to start searching for a family dentist. You will never know the importance of taking care of your child’s teeth until one day you see her suffer.

I tell you, there is none that you can do as a mom when it comes to toothaches. My last resort was to ask help from a dentist for pain relief. Otherwise, the crying and sleepless nights will not stop. Therefore, prepare your child to love dentist trips as early as possible.

Sarah Palmer

Hi! I'm Sarah. My husband and I have a beautiful little girl; plus we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby #2, so this is a very exciting time for us. Throughout this amazing journey called Parenthood, I’ve learned so much and love sharing my experiences with other parents at SarahsLovelyFamily.com. I'd love to share my discoveries with you too!

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