3 Things That Happen To Your Body After Giving Birth: Can You Ever Hope to Get Its Old Version Back?

Postpartum women notice significant changes in their bodies, and some changes affect a woman’s self-esteem negatively. After childbirth, the body undergoes major changes because of weight gain during pregnancy and preparing to nurse a newborn baby. Reviewing three things that happen to your body after giving birth helps women determine if it’s possible to get their pre-pregnancy body back.

1. Your Abdomen Looks Saggy and Out of Shape

After childbirth, the abdomen appears saggy, droopy, and completely out of shape. The skin stretched as the baby grew, and some women have stretch marks because of weight gain and stretching skin. In the weeks after birth, the uterus must go back to its original size, and the cervix closes completely. As these changes happen, women notice sudden weight loss within the first week. The weight loss doesn’t address the deeper concern for getting the abdomen back to its tightened and flatter shape post-pregnancy.

Doctors recommend waiting until after the six-weeks checkup before starting any exercise plans. During this time, women wear restrictive underwear to pull in the abdomen and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Control-top pantyhose is a great choice for reshaping the waistline in clothing while recovering from the pregnancy. After the six-weeks checkup, the obstetrician clears the new mother for exercise and normal daily activities. Women who want to find a better workout plan to get a flatter and toner abdomen are encouraged to review exercise programs at Club Fitness now.

2. Your Breasts Change Dramatically

A woman’s breasts change dramatically because of lactation. The breasts become swollen and engorged with milk, and they are heavier than normal. Lactation causes stretching of the breast tissue and leads to sagging. Doctors recommend bras that offer better support for larger breasts. Nursing pads collect milk if it leaks and prevents wet clothing and embarrassing circumstances. Women who breastfeed see more sagging of their breasts because of lactation over an extended period.

To combat the sagging of the breasts and reshape the breasts after pregnancy, women start exercise programs that address the chest muscles and the arms. Doctors recommend strengthening the muscles surrounding the breasts to lift the breasts back into their previous position.

Weight training is a great choice for rebuilding the chest and arm muscles. Women who start weight training programs see significant and positive changes in their breasts. As the muscles become tighter, the muscles lift the breasts and post-pregnancy sagging decreases.

3. Your Pelvic Floor Needs More Attention

After delivery, the pelvic floor is a hot mess. Once women heal completely from childbirth, it is urgent that they start exercises that strengthen their pelvic floor. Weakened pelvic muscles increase the risk of incontinence. Exercise programs, such as yoga, offer the perfect solution for strengthening and refining the pelvic floor.

Postpartum women aren’t without hope and could get their body back to its former glory. Exercise programs are a helpful way to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies and eliminate underlying issues, such as sagging and weakened muscles. Pregnancy changes three primary areas of the body including the pelvic floor, the breasts, and the abdomen. Choosing the right exercise to address each area helps women refine their workout efforts and get better results. Getting these three areas back in shape helps women restore their bodies and their self-confidence.

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