All About Flowers That We Cherish Most

Flowers are our unconditional companions in life as well as in death. Remarkably, flowers symbolize love, sacrifice, concern, dedication, beauty and appreciation. Accordingly, with several seasons and weathers, plants and trees full of variegated flowers are truly attractive to see. As long as this world remains, poets will keep singing praises of flowers tirelessly.

The people with poetic heart as compassionate to the beauty of flowers, starts to be enchanted with pleasure. No one can ever forget the magical view of flowers dancing in the breeze. Whenever they are in a stressed mood, they can recall that memorable scenario of flowers in his mind and derive from it heavenly bliss beyond imagination.

Every fruit or seed grow apparently from a different kind of flower. The mango blossoms in Asian continents are seen in summer. In winter, the yellow and fascinating mustard flowers grows abundantly by the countryside. The wild violets grow only on the moss.

Why are the Flowers Important to Us?

Who doesn’t admire flowers? Surely everyone has at least one favorite flower to cherish most. We all have a lot of happy memories in our lives and we celebrate them through parties, functions and events occasionally. But all the precious moments in our lives seem to be imperfect without the presence of the charming flowers.

Symbolic flowers

The entire picturesque of an event gets completely changed with the presence of the various kinds of flowers. Here we have a list of several flowers with different colors for the different types of occasions as

  • red rose represents passionate love
  • yellow rose for deepest friendship
  • white lilies signify purity
  • sunflower is the symbol of hope, loyalty and happiness
  • orchids symbolize innocence, elegance, and beauty
  • Marigold represents affection

Remarkable Contributions of Flowers

Flowers play a very vital role in our life. It doesn’t matter on what the occasion is, a flower arrangement is compulsory to decorate the entire venue on demand. Now let us describe the importance of flowers in our society and environment below:

  • Helps to cool down the mood – Whenever a friend or lover is angry as fire, presenting a flower bouquet as sunflowers and roses bouquet, is the best way to save ourselves from their rage anyhow. We can use flowers as surprise to express our feelings to our dearest ones. When we surprise our favorite pal with a flower bouquet, it helps to make the recipient feel honored. Also, flower helps to strengthen the bond with the people we love forever.
  • Is the leading source to express human emotions – There is no better way to convey the human emotions other than with the help of flowers. Whether it is happiness, grief, love, affection or gratitude, the flowers can impart them without losing its intensity and passion.
  • Includes peace of soul and greater energy – The flowers have the greater healing power to soothe the terrible of human soul during the anxious period of life. Flower assists us to banish the negative vibe from the surroundings apparently.
  • Helps in plant reproduction – From the very beginning, the reproduction of plants depends on flowers. When the insects stop by the flowers to consume the nectar, the pollen grain gets stuck in their body. Thus the pollen grains transported from the male stamens to female pistils easily.
  • Enriches the charm of the landscape – As our sight goes far away, the landscape looks beautiful if flower garden exists there. The flower garden adds multiple colors to the site, which otherwise would have shown an ordinary scenery.
  • For health and medicines – Along with the beautifying nature, the flowers also help to cure many diseases as they manufacture many medicines. There are many flowers which serve as effective laxatives and also help to fight constipation, inflammation and dehydration.
  • Contributes on commercial purposes – Several flowers are really beneficial for commercial purposes. In addition, the various types of flowers are used to produce scents, herbal beauty products and decorative materials.
  • Provides adequate food for the insects – Many insects get their biggest source of food from flowers. So, planting flowers in the garden is the also assists to attract a number of echo-friendly insects such as ladybugs, hoverflies, lacewings, pirate bugs and so on.
  • Makes all the events memorable – With the presence of flowers, when we decorate an event or a venue properly, it becomes more memorable and eye-catching. Undoubtedly, without the help of flowers, no event can be glorious.
  • A source of food for the human – Similarly as the insects, we also depend on the flowers to make some of the delicious. As an example, people apply flowers as chamomile, lavender, hibiscus, rose, etc. to make teas to

Several number of florist shops are always available in the market these days to help us decorate our events and make it memorable for a lifetime. In this era of advanced technology, people can even order flowers online for delivery via the internet. The significant role of flowers in the current world is so challenging, that there are many experienced florists provide affordable services to arrange the flowers and decorate the venue in the most elegant way.

Strategy of Flower Business

Most importantly, it is obvious that flowers have become gigantic business world-wide these days. In account on the research by the Society of American Florists, the floriculture industry sells around $19 billion in flowers, plants, and floral supplies for entire 2001. By looking at these figures and strategy, a person can easily judge that this industry has a significant growth.

After spending a long time on research, when we cross a sight of flowers growing along the path, will take a while to appreciate their contribution in sustaining human life and nature. Particularly, flowers play the biggest role in not only balancing nature but also enlightening us about nature. In addition, they taught us a lot about real life and its wonders.

Literally, flowers have a lot of moral lessons to teach us. Mostly they teach us to be kind, helpful and to lead a short lifetime well. Cause happy short livelihood is far better than a long-life bad livelihood indeed. They teach us to be hopeful and to be self-dependent.

As flowers are an endless source of wisdom, joy and affection, so life is quite unimaginable without them. No one can replace them with anything on the earth at all. It is perfectly said on this earth that “where flowers bloom, so does hope”.

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