Helpful Information For Parents Struggling With Stubborn Tobacco Addiction

Obviously, awareness of the negative effects of smoking has been created globally but even with all the knowledge and undying love for our kids, quitting smoking has never been easier. It is a tough task that needs more than just being convinced about the dangers related to smoking. Tobacco smoking is a psychological habit and a physical addiction too. Sudden withdrawal from regular tobacco will cause a smoker’s body to undergo through cravings and withdrawal symptoms. 

 Tobacco has a “feel good” effect on every user’s brain and withdrawing this effect may cause stress, depression, and boredom.  When you go “cold turkey” or quit smoking abruptly, your body will be put under stress and you will become irritable. And the uncontrollable urges might just rope you into smoking again. All this will make it even harder for you in your struggle to quit. To quit smoking successfully, you will have to consider using electronic cigarettes. E-cigs convert the solution inside it commonly called “ e-liquid” into vapor, which is what you will inhale. The e-liquid does not contain all the harmful chemicals associated with tobacco smoking. And the best part is that e-liquid comes in different strengths of nicotine, so you can decide what amount of nicotine intake you want. This way you can gradually decrease your intake of nicotine over time until you are completely ready to quit. This strategy that has helped most smoking parents stop smoking once and for all. What you need is to visit this shop for the latest deals on e-cigs that will ease the struggle you are in. Find answers to your questions about e-cigs;

Are E-cigarettes safe for parents?

In most parts of the world, e-cigs are highly controlled for quality and safety. They are said to have only a small risk component, unlike cigarettes. They are the safest option in that no tar and carbon monoxide are produced the main poisonous components of tobacco smoke. Also, nicotine found in e-cigs is moderately harmless. This is one reason why replacement therapy is used worldwide for decades to help smokers quit smoking.

Can I use e-cigarettes during pregnancy?

You must have heard or seen moms who smoke during pregnancy. This is the wrong choice since your unborn baby`s safety is at stake. In such a case, an e-cig will be more helpful and safer too for your unborn kid. However, this applies to expectant mothers who are struggling to stop smoking. If you just want to explore a fresh experience with e-cig, the pregnancy period isn’t good timing for that though.

Can the e-cig vapor be harmful to my children?

So far, no evidence has been found on the possibility of vapor from e-cigs causing harm to people who are within. Since the liquid in e-cigs is only a nicotine solution and does not contain any carcinogenic chemicals, e-cigs only release a vapor, as opposed to smoking tobacco which releases thousands of carcinogenic chemicals into the air. This means that you can still vape next to your kids without affecting them unlike in tobacco cigarettes where second-hand smoke harms the health of people around. 

How can quitting smoking and start vaping help?

Once you have stopped smoking cigarettes, just after three months you will be able to breathe better.  As your lungs clear out and harmful chemicals are cleared out of your body, your lung function will increase by 10%. Within six months your stress and anxiety levels will drop down. Smoking tobacco damages your sense of smell and taste, by vaping you can improve the function of your senses. You will also be at lower risk of getting yellow teeth and nails, and will feel an improvement in your overall appearance. If you are a smoker, you may want to consider that, switching to e-cigs  can be less damaging to your fertility as you are ingesting less nicotine. Quitting smoking is hard when you face withdrawal symptoms and severe cravings, switching from cigarettes to e-cigs will make your journey of quitting easier by slowly reducing your cravings until you are ready to quit. Overall e-cigs are an easy and helpful way you can gradually cut down on your nicotine intake if your are considering quitting smoking cigarettes. 

Can an e-cig catch fire?

Any mom or daddy could be worried about using something that poses a fire risk since it puts the life of the little ones and family assets at stake. There is every reason to be concerned given the many cases of cigarettes that have exploded or caught fire. However, e-cigs have no such cases. E-cigs will never catch on fire. Just ensure that you always use the right charger for your rechargeable e-cig. You should never leave it charging overnight, once fully charged remove the charger. This brings us to the next point which is to never leave your e-cig kit unattended while charging. Getting the right equipment is very important, for the safety of you and your family. Another tip is to charge your e-cig on a flat and clean service and far from flammable objects. Lastly, protect your e-cig from extreme temperatures, like being directly under the sunlight, or in an environment where it’s too cold. If your e-cig kit comes with instructions, do not fail to read and understand them. If you have any  concerns or questions, do not hesitate to contact the maker.

To sum it up, don’t let parenthood deny you the fun that comes with using e-cigs considering that a vaper can still be a great mom, a great dad. Vaping is much healthier and safer option than smoking. So put away those conventional cigarettes and start vaping to finally enjoy the fact that you have just lessened your risk of developing serious conditions such as lung disease and cancer.  To keep your family safe you would definitely want to switch over to e-cigs and become smoke-free. So put You deserve to be happy so as to transfer the happiness to your little prince charming or princess for that matter.

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