4 Reasons Doctors Suggest Pregnant Women Take a DNA Test

Luckily, DNA testing has enabled couples to have a strong perspective on their future together. Even when they decide to start a family, genetic testing has a strong role in shaping such important decisions of their life. Although DNA testing is popularly known for extracting valuable information from the past, doctors recommend pregnant women to go through it for some strong reasons. Because this test can help in finding out prospective health conditions, it can extract mind-boggling information about the fetus. Here are a few reasons pregnant women must take the DNA test before giving birth:

1. The Woman is Over 34 Years Old

Do you know, the chances of a pregnant woman giving birth to a child with chromosomal problems at this age are very high. Similarly, when older fathers decide to have a family, the risk of the child being born with a genetic mutation is an all-time high. This can get even worse if two cousins get married to each other. This is the reason a lot of doctors recommend people to marry out of their communities for the betterment of future children. As women march towards their 40’s, the chances of getting pregnant begin to reduce. This is why they develop several complications after crossing their 30s, but a DNA test can help identify it all.

2. A Relative Has an Inherited Illness

Family planning occurs as the first thought in many people’s minds as soon as they fall in love and start living together. Shockingly, even healthy people carry genes of severe illnesses in their bodies without even knowing. This is because some diseases are recessive and are only prevalent when a person inherits similar copies of the same genes. For instance, when two people mate and have a baby, the unborn child will inherit a normal gene from one parent and an illness gene from the other. This means the chances of the baby having an unexpected illness will be very high. However, if the woman undergoes genetic testing, it will be easier for doctors to figure out a solution for the prospective illness of the baby.

3. The Pregnant Woman Has a History of Miscarriages

When a woman is attacked by a severe chromosome in the fetus, it can lead towards a notorious miscarriage. So if a woman has already suffered several miscarriages in the past, it can have a severe impact on her health. Secondly, if she is repeatedly suffering from this issue, there must be a strong reason for it. Experts suggest frequent miscarriages are the result of a genetic problem. In severe cases, frequent miscarriages can cause blood cancer in the body. So it is imperative to go through a DNA test to identify the issue. Visit CRI Genetics to know more about the veracity of a DNA test.

4. The Unborn Child is Suspected of Having a Medical Problem

There are millions of children born in this world with several medical conditions. In simple words, genetic testing can easily identify a lethal disease and warn the doctors about it. Even if the unborn child is suspected of having a particular disease in the future, doctors can plan proper nutrition. This way, parents can easily fight with prospective issues at present. Sometimes it is tough to identify a medical illness in a child because the genetic modification isn’t prevalent in the blood until a few weeks. Thanks to genetic testing, it has made lives easier for modern parents and can carve intriguing solutions for the one who hasn’t even entered this world.

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