How Many Baby Blankets Do I Need for Each Kind?

Preparing for the coming of a newborn is fun and exciting but also exhausting and confusing at times. I needed help from friends who became moms before me. A little bit of advice from the experts taught me how many baby blankets I need for the first months. 

Soon you will find out that even natural and simple matters of having a child could be complicated for a new mother. Let us start with the basics.

Do you think you have enough for your need?


What are the Factors that I need to think of to Know How Many Baby Blankets to Need?

When buying a blanket and figuring out how many baby blanket to need, merely think about these factors:

  • The type of blanket
  • check
    The use of each blanket (where, when and what for)
  • check
    Type of material
  • check
    Frequency of changing
  • check
    How much laundry are you willing to do?

Different Types of Baby Blankets

Before I can determine how many baby blankets I need, I must learn the several kinds and purpose of each first. In all, there are four types of baby blankets. Take note that each style could be or not a necessity for your newborn.

1. Receiving Blanket

On my search, I thought all the blankets just look the same. It was hard to familiarize myself with the variety of designs, colors, shapes, sizes, and cloth. However, the receiving blanket caught my attention. I call this type of blanket as multi-purpose; that is why I like it.

Receiving blankets are simply cool and light cloth that is usually small (enough to fit a newborn) or so. This is the traditional blanket usually given as gifts when a child is born. I use this blanket for swaddling and a sheet for my baby to lay down. It even serves as a great burp cloth to clean spit ups and drool when needed.

#How many receiving baby blankets do I need?

How many receiving baby blankets do I need

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Receiving blankets are for newborns. Since babies grow fast, they will outgrow it soonest.

However, I use this whenever and whatever so I keep eight (8) of this anytime. An average of 4-5 pcs a day is enough so, I still have a reserve to wait for the laundry to dry.

Nowadays, it seldom gets dirty because we use diapers. If in case you do not use one, then you would need plenty. Let us say 20-30 pieces are safe.

2. Security Blanket

Make it a point to know the purpose of each blanket category. It helps in deciding how many baby blankets to need for your baby. I consider a security blanket as a luxury that I can afford. Its cloth is of fleece or any soft fabric. 

When you see a blanket with a cute stuffed animal attached to it, then it is the one. The feature is there to serve as the baby’s comfort and a toy to keep her entertained. Since I have my own preference for such, I purposely asked for a customized design. This blanket is useful when bringing baby outdoors or during travel wherein, you need the little one calm and quiet.

How many security baby blanket do I need

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#How many security baby blanket do I need?

Three (3) pieces of this type are practical. Although I keep one at home just to calm her down, the rest is just for outdoors. One is for use, and the other is for reserve in case a need to change arise.

3. Swaddling Blanket

I am no expert, but being a mom surely makes me feel like I am. The swaddle blanket is larger than receiving blanket and is deliberately for swaddling your baby. Just like the comfort that security blankets give to the infant, swaddling blankets can prevent babies from waking up often and rolling over.

Swaddling blanket can be multi-purpose too, but it is different in design. Some features can help you make swaddling easy. You may find one that has a Velcro, buttons or ribbons to adjust the tightness of the blanket. Some wrap around type is also useful for changing diapers.

How many baby swaddle blankets Do I Need

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#How many baby swaddle blankets Do I Need?

Some babies do not like swaddling often. Like receiving blankets, babies must let go of swaddling too. In most cases, swaddle blankets are useful for the first few months when babies cannot sleep when not held. I bought four (4) of it to use mostly on long nights when my baby needs to be warm.

4. Crib Blanket

This blanket category has many choices. You can call baby blankets for the crib as crib sheets or bedding sheet set. I suggest that you consider the safety and comfort when picking one for your baby. Crib blankets should not have any loose threads and holes that may cause harm to newborns’ fingers and toes.  

Plenty that you see on the market has those two factors and even has a cute and lovely design too.

How Many Crib Blanket Do I Need

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#How Many Crib Blanket Do I Need?

I change my crib blanket twice a day. That is early in the morning and before going to sleep. Unless there are accidents, I think this is sensible enough. Therefore, I keep five (5) crib blankets to use. Two for the day, and some backup waiting for the laundry to dry.


Baby blankets are a need for every baby. However, if you can help it, you do not need to be extravagant. Do you know that some of my blankets are "hand-me-downs" given by close relatives and friends? I think they are even cozier than new ones.

Above calculations are from my own personal need. If you want to know how many blankets to need, just refer to the factors I mentioned to help you. Your numbers may be different from mine.

Make the right decision. When your baby is old enough to let go of the blankets, you can keep or donate those that are in need. Of course, hold dear to those that come with happy memories.

Was I helpful to you today? I really love receiving comments about questions and suggestions. If you have one, find time to write. I will wait for it.

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