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How to Make Spring Cleaning Easier and More Fun for the Family This Year

As the sun slowly returns and floods into our homes, you probably feel a bit more motivated to clean up. Whether it’s the dust dancing in the beams of light, the film of dirt on your window panes, or switching your winter wardrobe out for your springtime attire, you might want to ring in the spring with a fresh feeling throughout your home.


While some of us live for wiping the dust off shelves or sweeping those dust bunnies from under the sofa, not everyone cheers when it’s time to clean. Although you may have a simple cleaning routine, you also don’t want to be the only one in your family pitching in and picking up this spring. Learning to clean early on can lead to a multitude of benefits for you kids later in their lives and help make your spring cleaning easier.

We found some tips and tricks to make cleaning those overlooked crevices and surfaces more fun for the family. So, we’ve come up with ways to get everyone involved and keep them smiling while you clean out the clutter and tidy up your home.

1. Clean the Microwave with Cut Lemons

Whether your children are three-years-old or thirteen, they often want to be given responsibility, and it doesn’t hurt if they learn a little along the way.

  • Let your child cut one or two lemons into wedges, slices with a butter knife. The wedge shapes can be as unique as your child.
  • Then let your little one squeeze them into a microwave safe bowl with about two cups of water.
  • Little kids love to press buttons, so let them set the microwave to 3 minutes and press “Start.”
  • Let the steam do its magic for about 5 minutes, then carefully remove the bowl of lemons (keep it out of reach of your child).
  • Wipe out the microwave and then let your little one search the internet for why this trick works.If you have extra uncut lemons, make a batch of lemonade.

2. Put on Some Music and Make it a Dance Party

How often does your little one get to see you let loose and bust some moves? Probably not often enough. One way to encourage your kids to help you clean up is to put on some dance music or some kids’ party time tunes, and dance as you clean.

For a little extra excitement, stop every 20 minutes for a dance-off. Let the dance champion earn a special prize or let him or her choose what chore to get next week.

3. Make Cleaning Up a Competition

You might want to tackle the kitchen while the kids clean up their rooms. If you don’t want to have to monitor their progress, you can make cleanup a friendly competition. One of the easiest ways to make sure they’re accomplishing a full cleanup is to make the competition a series of tasks.

Bedroom Cleanup Tasks in Order

  • Make the bedDust the dresser, shelves, bed posts
  • Use wipes to clean the windows
  • Pick up all toys and put them away
  • Put all clothes in the hamper and carry it to the laundry
  • Throw out any trashUse a flashlight to clean any toys under the bed

4. Squeegee the Carpet

While most adults don’t enjoy scrubbing anything on our hands and knees, most children don’t mind getting low. In fact, most kids love an opportunity to wiggle on the floor. Next time you’re at the store, pick up a few wide squeegees. These aren’t just wonderful for cleaning the windows, the fridge, and the shower stall, they are perfect for gathering pet hair from rugs.

Have your tikes race from one end of the carpet to the other, pulling their squeegees across the surface. You can either make the winner the child that completes more area or the kid that collects the biggest pile of fur.

5. Ditch the Clutter with an Online Garage Sale

One way to make the most of your spring cleaning is to sell your belongings you’re letting go of. If you have clutter that’s still in great condition, don’t just set it out by the curb--sell it! Save yourself the hassle of a traditional yard sale or garage sale, and create an online shop to earn some extra money.

To create an online garage sale you can:

  • Register a unique and fun domain.
  • Let your kids help choose a layout or template.
  • Take pictures of and post your items.
  • As customers buy, let the kids package and ship your items and keep track of how much money you’re making.
  • Let the kids use the money for a fun activity or new toys.

6. Sock Puppet Dusting is a Winner

Old socks make great sock puppets. Sock puppets make great cleaning tools! If you want to encourage the kids to have fun while dusting or wiping down surfaces, let them make a sock puppet helper. You can even feed their imaginations by telling them sock puppets survive by consuming dist and dirt.

If you don’t have any old socks lying around, you can let the kids decorate or bedazzle their own sponges with rhinestones and jewels, instead. The should only decorate the non-scrubbing side. These work well for cleaning up the bathroom or kitchen counters.

7. Reward Yourself and the Kids

Don’t forget to reward your family for helping make spring the cleanest season. Take your kids on a flower hunt and pick some fresh bouquets for the dining table, the mantel, or even the bathroom. This will help you get out of the house while the scent of your cleaners fades and the loose dust finds its way into the A/C filter.

You can even celebrate your clean house with a movie-watching party, and you won’t have to worry about the kids rolling around on your newly cleaned rug.

As our children grow up, you want to keep them happy and healthy with a clean home. It’s also important to teach them responsibility and set a good example for work ethic and tidiness. Make cleaning more fun, and your kids will soon ask you when it’s time for the next round of sock puppet dusting.

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